12 The Plan of Artisan

The golden sun in the world's horizon shone brightly, which immediately drew the attention of everyone on the floating continent.

The floating continent was enormous and looked no different from a natural paradise. It would not give a first impression that it was created artificially by someone.

To be more specific, the continent was a miracle in and of itself because it contains a self-sustaining natural environment capable of supporting millions of people without difficulty. The continent can even travel safely into the astral world while protecting its inhabitants.

The continent also had snowy mountain ranges that spread through it, as well as green prairies that ran alongside the mountains. Long rivers with numerous tributaries ran through this vast expanse of land.

There were also other small floating islands near the continent that were linked together by brown bridges. One can see a massive waterfall on the continent's western edge, where the river eventually reached its end and fell into the northern continent.

There was a beautiful and strange city in the middle of the continent, with a large number of villages and towns connected to it via a road from the city.

Today, however, whether it is farmers working in the fields, craftsmen working in the capital city, or believers praying in the cathedral.

Everyone in their path came to a halt and gazed at the world's horizon.

As they gazed, the golden sun's rays, which were always gentle and warm, giving life and light to everything in the world, changed suddenly under gasps of all.

The sun in the horizon suddenly turned white and emitted a blazing light; many people closed their eyes in the glare of the sun, which shone across the entire continent.

The high-sequence beyonders under artisan can clearly sense the sun's wrath, as thier figure were also illuminated under the light of the sun.

Many in the floating continent thought it was the end of the world and collapsed on the spot, because not everyone can withstand the apocalyptic scene before them.

At the same time, various divine gazes were cast at this location, ranging from a divine kingdom in the Amantha mountains to a cathedral made of bones in the ruins of a battle of gods. Despite seeing what was happening with the floating continent, none of the owners of divine gazes did anything.

Here, even though the entire continent had descended into chaos, the interior of the tallest bronze tower in the heart of the capital city remained unaffected.

Inside the room, the golden flames had been extinguished, leaving only black charred remains and ashes floating in the air.

Aucuses sat in a white chair, while Diana stood behind him, who was dazed and shocked by everything that had transpired.

Artisan stood in front of him, his head down and his hands clenched together.

He knew everything was on the line now, and if he said one wrong word and dissatisfied the sun god before him, he could be certain that the sun's rays would completely burn all of his life's work to ashes right before his eyes.

The powerlessness and malice of the god that he felt now made him understand the cruelty of this world once more.

Even though everything had devolved into a total mess, there was still hope for him before. But it's also extinguishing, as he felt his anchors kept dwindling.

However, he couldn't give up now, for he paid too much and if he had such a weak will, he wouldn't have become an archangel.

Artisan finally took a breather to calm his raging emotions and gazed at at the sun god who sat before him, who also looking at him indifferently.

Even though everything seemed to take a long time, it was only a few seconds.

"It all started with the plan I devised at the start of the fourth epoch." Artisan's expression and tone became unusually calm as he began to answer the sun god's question in detail. "At the time, I was successful promoted to archangel, I began seeking to ascend to the throne of God."

"That's when Adam approached me, as if sensing my predicament, and invited me to a meeting he was holding, implying I'd find my answers there."

When Aucuses heard about the meeting, his brow furrowed.

According to his knowledge, almost all of the angels and archangels who were promoted in this era attended this meeting. Solomon was also present at the meeting.

Not to mention, two of those who attended became gods in the future, and one became king of angels of door pathway.

Aucuses intuitively felt Adam's presence in almost every major event that affected the world during this time period.

'Adam...' Aucuses felt pressure as he considered this; it was truly unfortunate to have such an adversary against him.

His attention was drawn back as artisan continued after a brief pause, during which artisan frequently glanced at him, most likely to gauge his reaction, which was always indifferent on the surface.

Artisan continued in low tone. "I went to the meeting with many others and finally saw the god's path and the ritual for becoming god."

"But then I noticed something else in the slate that I hadn't expected..." He came to a sudden halt, his gaze drawn to Diana.

"You may continue." Aucuses stated, as if comprehending his actions. "There will be no problems, even if she learns the secrets."

Artisan took a deep breath and gazed at Diana deeply, certain that she was the one who had been trying to divine into this matter before and was most likely the reason he was facing the Aucuses now.

Diana finally awoke from her stupor and began paying close attention. She pressed all the shock and questions in her heart and focused clearly, because her intuition as a sage made her believe that the next information revealed by her idol would forever change her fate and future.

"The second blasphemy state revealed something unexpected to me: the path to becoming a being above the gods, or more precisely, above the sequence."

"The demon of knowledge, which consisted the pathway of hermit and paragon, was the title above the sequence." Artisan spoke as he averted his gaze from Diana. "It also made understand a lot about our world and the law of beyonder characteristics."

"Before I could process what I had learned, Adam approached me alone after the end of the meeting and explained the future and threat of outer gods beyond the barrier."

When Aucuses heard that, his expression become strange.

Artisan chuckled and said with a self-deprecating smile as he noticed this. "I'm not sure if Adam intended for it to happen or if it was pure coincidence. But it didn't matter much anymore."

"Here I was, knowing the terrible future, and my desire to become stronger was unlike anything I'd ever felt before."

"So I devised a strategy to make my ascension much easier."

"I already had a knowledge emperor characteristics with me."

"So, using that, I created an artificial life that I could control, with the intention of using it as a tool to gather hermit characteristics and even uniqueness."

"I then desired to ascend to become the god of the paragon pathway and secure my position. Then, in the future, I planned to absorb it and successfully become the dual pathway god, without having to worry about corruption and loss of control." In the silent room, Artisan's words echoed.

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