2 The Angels.

The young man composed himself and began under the golden sun.

As he began with a revenant look, his nervousness faded and he became solemn.

"My Lord claims to be Eternal Blazing Sun,

'He' was born from the creator's spirit at the beginning of the world,

'He' is also the incarnation of the sun,

'He' is the inextinguishable light that illuminated the world and drives away darkness and evil,

'He' is also the embodiment of order, keeping the world from falling into chaos and depravity,

'He' is also the guardian of business and overseer of contracts,

'He' is also the light of holiness that purifies the world."

"Your lord appears to be very powerful." Aucuses' smile widened as he spoke narcissistically.

"'He' is indeed." When the young man saw interest in the foreigner that he was tasked to preach, he became more enthusiastic and continued preaching more sincerely. "When cataclysm erupted on the world, our lord descended with other gods."

"He was the light that illuminated the world and cleansed it of its impurity."

"During the cataclysm, he used all of his power to protect humanity."

"It was because of the lord's kindness that humans survived, while other races perished one after the other in the cataclysm."

"The humans who followed 'him' established the kingdom of Aelius along the antal mountains."

"With 'His' blessings, the Kingdom of Aelius became one of the most powerful kingdoms on the continent." The young man noticed Aucuses' expression change when he said cataclysm, which caused him to pause his preaching.

"Continue, I'd like to know more about your lord." Aucuses drew his attention away from the ancient sun god and inquired further.

The young man continued, despite the fact that he thought this gentleman was strange and most likely a beyonder, because just being in his presence made him calm. "My lord lives in the golden sun above the entire world, and the rays of 'his' kingdom are spread across heaven and land, giving life and light to all."

"There are four angels in total under 'Him.'"

"The Angel of Light is the Lord's most cherished angel, for 'He' is bestowed upon a portion of our Lord's authority. 'He' is the most merciful of all. 'He' also serves as the lord's representative and sits beside the lord's throne."

"The Angel of Wisdom is the incarnation of knowledge itself. 'She' is also the recorder of long history and the mysteries fate. 'She' was among the first to follow our Lord. 'Her' knowledge is what got our kingdom and humanity through the post-cataclysm warring era."

"The Angel of Temperance is the Lord's most mysterious angel; little is known about 'Him' other than 'His' various honorific names, Angel of Tears and Angel of Duality."

"Finally, The Angel of Miracles, 'He' is the embodiment of the miracles itself. 'He' is my lord's messenger and the bearer of the lord's revelations. 'He' is the most generous of all the angels, as 'He' is said to grant a wish to anyone who can find 'Him' for only 5 coins."

"Truly incredible." Aucuses had a sigh as he spoke.

When the young man heard this, he couldn't help but smile, so he began enthusiastically describing his lord's miracles and deeds. "I'm not going to waste your time anymore, sir, for it's already been 20 minutes. If you are interested, you can visit the Cathedral of Dawn right near us. The mass has just ended, but there will be another at dusk. Trust me when I say that the mass experience will be unforgettable for the rest of your life." He finally finished.

Aucuses' expression didn't change much; he nodded with the smile as before. "I'll definitely pay a visit in the evening."

The young man turned and exhaled a sigh of relief at the success of his preaching and the addition of another believer to his lord's religion.

"Wait." Aucuses yelled, causing the youth to turn around.

"Do you have a problem, sir?" The young man was slightly nervous, remembering his strict church school and the fact that if a believer filed a complaint against him, he would face severe punishment.

"No." Aucuses laughed, as if he understood the source of his nervousness. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Laius, sir." Subconsciously, the young man said his name.

When the youth noticed this, his eyes widened, and he felt a familiar feeling when the gentleman asked his name.

Same as, when he faced the high priest, the irresistible feeling to follow every order of the priest.

He couldn't even lie and remain silent when the priest asked the question, let alone not answer the high priest's questions. This is a situation that is very similar to this one.

The cathedral's high priest is a saint!

And this gentleman in front of him...

Laius tried to tuck his trembling hands into his robes.

"Don't worry, Laius." Aucuses spoke in a soft voice.

By simply hearing his voice, Laius's fear and restlessness vanished, replaced by serenity.

"Take this as a gift." Aucuses pulled a coin with a golden sun symbol from nowhere and tossed it to Laius. "For your preaching"

The golden coin slid through the air, and the sun symbol on the coin emitted blazing light, causing the coin to gleam before dimming.

Laius caught the coin and responded without looking at it. "But I can't take it, sir. It goes against..."

"You can have it." Aucuses intrerrputed him in deep voice.

"It will be fine, and it may even save you from a future disaster."

Despite his previous words, Laius nodded dazedly and accepted the coin. He did, however, regain enough clarity to ask a question. "May I inquire your name, sir?"

"What is my name?" Aucuses was taken aback by Laius' question. "It's been a long time since I've been asked that question." He spoke in a rather low voice.

"However, don't you already know who I am, Laius?" Aucuses said this with a mysterious smile.

Laius was also taken aback, and it slowly dawned on him. Despite the fact that he had been speaking to the mysterious man in front of him for quite some time and was still doing so.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't recall the man's features.

Laius focused on him again to double-check, his eyes widening as he could now see the man in front of him.

His eyes were filled with shock, and his entire body trembled with excitement.

"Y-you a-are..." He stuttered in shock.

"If fate allows, Laius, we will meet again." Aucuses spoke up, interrupting him.


When Aucuses snapped his fingers, everything in Laius' vision was filled with light.

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