5 Situation of Northern Continent (2/2)

Aucuses will still be able to find the god of combat, but the giant's brain was filled with nothing but muscle, and its entire life was played out in the hands of Amanines.

He was so certain of Amanines' involvement because, while the use of night in war may appear simple to others, it had a completely different meaning to Aucuses.

For the long-running conflict between him, Leodero, and Herabergan is the result of them being in adjacent pathways and primarily over anchors. Thus, the significance of the war is clear, and the appearance of power of night on such a grand scale is not the result of some saints simulated power. Without Amanines' consent, something like this will not happen on a large scale.

Soon, this situation will probably will evolve into a domino effect, with angles soon joining the fray and even forcing him to personally join the battlefield, which Auceses doesn't want to see.

It's not that Aucuses doesn't want to fight with his 'sworn brothers,' but with the Solomon and true creator on the horizon, now was not the time.

Aucuses drank a sip of coffee to soothe his tumultuous emotions.

"It's my negligence, Lucas." Aucuses spoke in a solemn tone.

"It's not your fault; you couldn't have predicted the situation." He interrupted Lucas, who was about to speak up and take responsibility for his actions.

"In relation to this war..." Aucuses came to a halt, his expression thoughtful.

Lucas was nervous as he waited in silence for his lord's plan, and he was surprised that his lord didn't blame himself for the situation on the frontlines, but this doesn't make him happy, rather felt more guilty.

"Don't go aggressive; only be defensive in the war." Aucuses finally spoke up, his voice deep. "Unless another angel intervenes, leave the situation alone."

Lucas accepted his lord's commands and didn't enquire too deeply, knowing that there had to be a deeper reason for his lord to say so.

"Did my messenger come back, Lucas?" Aucuses inquired suddenly.

"No, Milord. He has yet to return, and we have been unable to contact him." Lucas immediately spoke up, slightly nervously, because the messenger of the lord is also his friend, Angel of miracles.

"You don't need to be concerned; he's fine." Aucuses laughed as he spoke. "His life is too powerful for him to die."

Yes, the fool pathway is too special, and with the blessing he had given his messenger, so he will have no trouble completing the mission he had assigned to him.

Aucuses had previously assigned two missions to the angels of light and miracles. Both are crucial to his future plans.

The Angel of Miracles is tasked with contacting Solomon's subordinates, Turnoest and Alitsa Tudor, and obtaining information on Solomon's status.

He was also fairly certain of the mission's success because he knew the future and situation within Solomon empire, while the empire may appear to be powerful, the corruption and conflicts within the empire were far more than their side.

Trunsoest and Alista are two angels he had seen before, and he saw genuine concern for the empire in Turnoest's eyes and a thirst for power in Alitsa.

All they needed was a gentle nudge in the right direction and make them think it is their own decisions.

Aucuses was confident that he could achieve his goal and bring the Solomon empire down. To be honest, Aucuses loathed Solomon; it was primarily because Solomon accommodated the true creator in his kingdom that he and the other gods were forced into this precarious situation.

Knowing the future and the situation, Aucuses can make a reasonable guess that Solomon is now looking for the uniqueness of justiciar and sequence 1 characteristics of the hand of order.

Aucuses can't let something like that happen. So, despite the fact that this was a high-risk mission for an angel, it had to be completed if he wanted to bring all the gods together and make them realise the threat of Solomon and the True Creator combined. This was also how he intended to deal with the ongoing war between the kingdoms.

"All right, let him come and meet me when he gets back." Aucuses told Lucas, and asked on. "Are there any other special news in the Kingdom?"

Lucas' uneasy heart settled when he realised the angel of miracles was fine, and he then answered his lord's query. "As a result of the sudden outbreak of a new disease and disasters on the outskirts of the continent, there is an increase in the number of refugees entering our kingdom."

"This disease is also spreading quickly and is extremely lethal; tens of thousands have already died as a result of it. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are pouring into our and other kingdoms as we speak, milord, and the situation on the continent's rim is deteriorating."

"The kingdom of Hale under Earth Mother has already sent an angel to find a cure to this problem, and an angel under Lord of Storms has also gone to stop the disaster."

"And we have confirmed that this entire situation is connected to the infamous, Cheek, the King of angels of the Demoness Pathway." Lucas purposefully emphasised the word "king," causing Aucuses to smile.

However, Aucuses did not feel much in his heart hearing about this disaster and deaths; this was not due to the divinity that was making him indifferent; this really did not cause any ripple in his heart.

Because he was instinctively indifferent to things that were unrelated to him cos of the vast experience and knowledge he had accumulated in these two lives.

'Has Cheek completed her preparations for the godhood ritual?' Aucuses was thoughtful, since the ritual to become to God for the demoness pathway is not easy. It was fraught with peril and necessitated the right set of circumstances in order to be carried out. He couldn't wait to see how Cheek would pull it off.

"Accept the refugees, and it should be no problem to accommodate them; as for Cheek, just keep an eye on the situation." Aucuses gave orders and didn't bother with cheek because he already has a lot on his plate.

Gods, contrary to popular belief, do not label themselves as good or evil, nor do they care. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal interests.

Lucas nodded and resumed with more important news.

"There are also a large number of hermit pathway beyonders requesting for protection and to join the church. I planned to wait until I heard from you, but the angel of wisdom came forward and personally accepted them."

"They were defectors from Moses ascetic order."

"They showed signs of losing control, and their spirits were unstable. This was observed in almost all of them, prompting us to look into it further."

"After that, we concluded that they had been corrupted by an unknown source; this corruption had caused them to nearly lose control, but the situation could still be salvaged."

"However, this situation prompted us to discover that there is a major problem within Moses' ascetic order, and based on the information we gathered from them, there has been a major failure on a very important experiment. But, they couldn't recall anything else related to this experiment."

"When the angel of wisdom attempted to pry further into the situation, she was stopped by a higher power."

"Despite the failure, the angel of wisdom discovered that the one who interfered with her was the artisan, the king of angels of the savant pathway." Lucas finished by taking a breather.

Aucuses' expression becomes solemn, as he heard this.

Despite their adjacent paths, the relationship between the Artisan and Moses' ascetic order has always been subtle.

Aucuses made an unfounded assumption as to what the problem with Moses' ascetic order might be; if his guesses are proven correct, this is a serious problem and would explain a lot related to future events.

"Go ahead." Aucuses stated, while not providing any instructions on this.

At the command of Aucuses, Lucas was jolted from his relaxed state and continued to provide detailed information about the kingdom's situation. Aucuses sat with his hand on his chin, patiently listening to Lucas' report and providing some instructions and orders in between.

This continued as the light of dawn from the rising sun illuminated their figures.

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