41 Lilith and Bladhiel

Northern Continent, Antal Mountains.

A illusory golden door soared above the mountain range's highest peak, emitting an endless radiance.

The radiance completely engulfed the entrance to the divine kingdom, transforming it into a vast expanse of light. Within the light, however, a shadow of an illusory castle was visible.

The door had a mythical and gentle feel to it, making anyone yearn for the eternal paradise that lay within.

This is the divine kingdom of Eternal Blazing Sun, which was separated from the real world by this illusory golden door.

A white castle perched on the crest of a mountain in the divine kingdom, with a lake in front and vast flieds of white flowers all around.

In a room within the castle, two divine figures sat on a long silver table with six chairs, two at the head and foot of the table and two on each side.

"How can you expect me to believe Amanines?" A giant grumbled to the white-haired man in the main seat from one of the silver chairs on the side. "You should be aware, she has a way with pesky plots and tricks! And we could never anticipate it until it was too late."

"You don't have to be concerned about that." The white-haired man said casually. "I'll take care of her 'Concealment.'" His purple eyes sharpened, as if it could pry through all mysteries and secrets.

"And Amanises should be well aware of the situation we're facing. You don't have to be concerned about her backstab." He chuckled and stated the obvious.

"The Hermit," The twilight giant sighed as he caught a sight of the purple eyes, and while he was relieved, he continued to inquire. "Without appropriate evidence, Aucuces, this alliance you're planning will fall apart."

"It's not a problem for me to believe you and take your word for it. Your brothers, on the other hand, will not be the same."

The word "brothers" was emphasized by the twilight giant.

"I don't want a full-fledged war to erupt right now..." The giant asserted, knowing that if those three could not find common ground now, he is certain that war would erupt between them.

The other gods will be forced to choose sides at the time, and everything will regress into chaos!

They cannot afford chaos, which is also what Solomon wishes to see the most.

"Amon never disappoints, Badhiel." Aucuces smiled as he took a bronze book from nowhere and placed it on the table.

"Did you really aim at Amon?" Badhiel inquired, sitting up straight and his attention completely focused on this subject. He did, however, cast a glance at the book, before asking.

He noticed the spear piercing the atmosphere and heading towards the Solomon Empire since the entire sky was illuminated by light and the spear was like the sun descending on the world.

However, he was unaware of the outcome because it occurred within the Solomon empire.

He could also deduce from Auceses' words that the book was obtained through Amon, who Aucuces most likely used as pawn in his plans.

Which really surprised Badhiel because he didn't expect Aucuces to become such a scheming guy! The resemblance of white angel in his memory was completely gone, when he saw Aucuces now.

Aucuces gave a nod.

"So, what happened?" Badhiel immediately inquired.

"What do you anticipate?" Aucuces stated as he rose from his seat. "He pulled the same card like when he was a kid, and his daddy arrived just in time to save him."

"What?" Badhiel questioned, his face blank, as if he didn't understand what he was saying.

Aucuces sighed, and didn't want to bother anymore. He was standing in front of the door, staring at it.

"Your mother is also here; perhaps you could ask her."

Without turning back to face Badhiel, he said with a chuckle.


Lilith entered the room with a gentle smile as the large white door to the room opened.

'Honesty..' Aucuces took a deep breath, his heart racing. 'How the hell is she that beautiful?'

It didn't change now; seeing her still made him restless in his heart even as a god, with divinity.

Her "Beauty" is certainly superior to even those jade beauties depicted so clearly in Chinese cultivation novels. Why was he so certain? When one considers Lilith's past, she can also be considered the personification of "Beauty" itself. Her "beauty" could not even be expressed in words!

"Aucuces." Lilith smiled as she looked at him.

When Aucuces looked at her, he could tell she had changed, which is rare for a god. But, given what had occurred, this came as no surprise to him.

Her eyes, which had previously been calm and serene, now had a vibrancy to them, and her smile had a genuine feeling to it.

Aucuces complimented her with a smile. "You look stunning."

When Lilith heard that, she raised her brows in intrigue. But, she didn't reply, because there was still another person in the room.

"Mother." Badhiel said in low voice, his eyes darting sideways.

'Oh...' Aucuces' heart was intrigued, and he wished he had his wine to watch this drama unfold.

"Badhiel, hasn't it been a long time?" Lilith spoke gently, her eyes filled with concern, just like a real mother.

"Yes, mother." Badhiel said, still not looking at Lilith, in an awkward tone. "How have you been lately?"

'Did Lilith stage some kind of fallout with Badhiel?' As the strange atmosphere filled the entire room, Aucuces thought. 'But his reaction is simply....'

"It's been really good." Lilith said calmly. "If you don't include the fact that I almost died the other day, it's all good."

Just as the atmosphere became increasingly strange.


The sound of thunder booming attracted everyone's attention.

Aucuces' eyes glowed as he observed everything going on outside through the light of "Sun."

The entire sky of Alieus kingdom was covered in black clouds, with blue lightning flashing in it.

This was a direct challenge to his authority!

Whether it was Lilith or Badhiel, they restrained their power, thus only affecting the area around them.

"I'm needed there." Aucuces addressed two of them. "He is here."

"Wait a second, Aucuces." Badhiel got out of his chair. "I'll also come." He moved swiftly, as if he didn't want to be here anymore.

"And how about you?" Aucuces asked Lilith.

"I'm fine right here." Lilith stated as she looked around the castle. "Don't fight with him and try to find common ground."

Aucuces nodded and turned to face Badhiel, who had a relieved look on his face for a brief moment. But it didn't escape his sharp eyes.

"All right, let's go." He said to Badhiel, and stopped paying attention to them, for he was about to face his "sworn brother" for the first time in a long while.

They both vanished in a flash of light that illuminated the surroundings brightly.


Under the light of the sun, Aucuces and Badhiel appeared in the sky filled with dark clouds.

"Oh, Aucuces, you're finally willing to show up."

An scornful voice thundered through the black clouds as the blue lightning began to gather.

The voice continued without giving him the opportunity to respond. "I was surprised to learn that it was you who wanted to start the alliance in the first place. It's very unlike you."

"It appears that the times have done wonders for the once proud white angel, the vanity? arrogance? Everything seems to have vanished when I look at you now."

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