The heavenly tribulation is actually a mental demon, all cultivators have mental demons, the longer they live, the stronger they are, especially unique demons that were created by the Divine Realm but Shadowslash is different.

Not only his age isn't that large but even if he had slaughtered countless beings to the point that he himself felt guilty, no mental demon would be able to affect him.

Firstly there was Amethyst that is the first being that would protect his soul as she is situated on it.

Grim a being that is considered one of the high ranking officer of the Divine Hell or the True Underworld of this universe.

Finally, Chaos and Harmony that even he is still investigating, according to Grim, their species are beings that are born directly into the Divine Realm.

They are one of the rulers of Spirit Realm, because of these three beings, mental demons would only serve to increase the power and lethality of his divine sense.


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