Seeing them becoming silent, Shadowslash knew that it was time to tell the reason why he had gathered them in this location "That is why, to protect this world, I want all of you that have discovered a world gate to establish your rule on those specific worlds."

Everyone was in an uproar, ruling an entire world is quite a difficult task, especially if the world is much stronger than them.

Shadowslash sighed "I know that this is quite difficult to ask to any of you but I cannot risk the safety of this world, if you cannot takeover the world that you guys have discovered in a given time limit, Thousand Race Empire would take your rights on that world and make it ours."

"I apologized for this but I have to do everything to protect this world."

The dragon emperor stood up and said "Emperor Shadowslash, you don't need to worry, our clan have already established ourselves in two of the three worlds we have found."


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