The ape continue to rip the tongue apart but as time passes by, it sensed it's body becoming weaker and weaker, it tried to use it's domain earlier but after it summoned it's black hole, it lose all connection to it.

Shadowslash continue to bite the ape to death, his appearance is now extremely comical, his head is larger than his body but no one dares to laugh at this sight, the sounds of the ape roaring and bones being crushed could be heard.

Finally, the ape let's out one last mournful roar before it was swallowed by Shadowslash, immediately, he clutches his stomach as an unbearable amount of pain assaulted his entire body, his golden and white body started to turn black.

Chaos energy starts to spread out of him, his eyes continue to flash, he punches the ground, once again, the entire area shook, the people knew that it was dangerous to be near him at this moment and started retreating.


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