Those that have great pride even felt tempted but they respected Shadowslash, not to mention, even their instincts told them that they would die if they try to take advantage of Safehaven Paradise, the powerhouses of the elves, humans and dwarves felt irritated when they saw the greedy look on the others' eyes.

All of them wanted to teach the greedy ones a lesson but they knew that Shadowslash would be angry at them, he is their belief, they rather die than to disappoint them, after living in Safehaven Paradise, they had already deemed themselves as a much higher being compared to the others on the outside world.

Only the residents of Thousand Race Empire they treat with respect but to those that belongs to other locations, they disdain, Shadowslash knew that his absence during these past few years have solidified the beliefs of the residents of Safehaven Paradise that they are a much higher being.


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