Any world gate would be investigated, the lower planes are now greatly sought after by all the Mythical Beast Clan, they had realised just how weak they are without the blessing of their ancestor and the protection of this plane.

They had created a plan in order to nurture super soldiers, a certain number of branch clan members would be sent to lower worlds in order to temper themselves through fights without relying on their bloodline.

They would then be able to return to Beast Plane once they reached Saint Realm, then, they would be tested by the elders of the clan and if they managed to pass the test, their bloodline would be purified and they would then be sent to battle with other geniuses of other clans.

This would definitely take a long time but once they are successful, the Mythical Beast Clan would solidify their status to other planes, according to the scholars of Gaia, the other planes would also be attacked.


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