231 Pamper, Protect And Love

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"You've improved a lot." Song Zhou sent the message.

Ruan Qi replied very quickly, "Thanks."

"You must take good care of your health."


Song Zhou was puzzled. Was she sending automatic replies from her mailbox?

He was unconvinced and asked, "Have you had lunch yet?"


Song Zhou was delighted. She wasn't sending automatic replies. He wanted to send her another message, but Ruan Qi wrote to him first. "Don't send me more messages. I'm used to ending conversations. If I don't send the final reply, I'll feel restless."

Song Zhou was surprised. He opened WeChat and checked their chat history.

Although she had blocked him, he could still see their chat history.

It was only then that he realized that every time they communicated, she was the one who ended the conversation, even if it was just a meaningless full stop.

He suddenly felt that she was very cute with such an interesting habit.


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