Chapter 1 Beauty, would you like to explore human body structure with me?_1

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China, Yunhai City, Office of the Chief Assistant at the Dong Fang Group.

Wang Chao, dressed in a security guard uniform, looked straight at the general assistant Bai Qian and couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Bai Qian, dressed in a OL outfit, exuded an aura of a dominant female queen.

But at this moment, she was slightly stunned and her aura dissipated, after discovering Wang Chao's sneaky gaze at her, she felt both shy and angry: "Wang Chao, what are you... talking nonsense about?!"

As the Chief assistant of Dong Fang Group, Bai Qian never anticipated that this little security guard would have the audacity to watch Adult Video during working hours, and more so to be caught red-handed by herself!

Even now, without any shame, he was still flirting with herself.

It was utterly audacious!

Wang Chao merely shrugged nonchalantly then grinned mischievously as he stared Bai Qian's beautiful white-skinned chest and said, "Assistant Bai, truly worthy of your name, these are really white!"

[The surname 'Bai' in Chinese is '白', which has another meaning-'White']

On the heartthrob face that was dozens of times more handsome than the male actor with eight pack abs in that porn, there was no hint of embarrassment or abash, at begin Wang Chao really thought that was just a hot dance video of a sex beauty wearing transparent bikini when he clicked on video, but as the naked male lead appeared, the female lead's swimsuit disappeared and flew away… then, everything has become pornographic and R18…

Bai Qian was completely stunned. She couldn't believe that this little security guard dared to speak to her like this!!

Especially after he had made a mistake and was reprimanded by her!

She was a person of importance within the group, held in high regard by many who would speak nervously in front of her.

But Wang Chao, he dare…dare to, make frivolous and obscene comments about herself!!

Is this guy mad? Or seeking death?

Wang Chao seemed to have not noticed at all that that Bai Qian was on the verge of tantrum. He continued to speak with his signature charming smile, voice sounded serious like a researcher:"Among the women I've seen, while it's not uncommon to come across D cup, there are not many like you who haven't had any artificial adjustments…not me bragging, whether is pure natural breast or undergoing artificial cosmetic surgery, I can identify at a glance…"

"Enough! Wang Chao! I called you to my office, not call you to be lewd! Do you still want to have this job?" Bai Qian suppressed the urge to throw Wang Chao out of the window, a pair of seductive eyes fixed on him, wishing to scourging this bastard alive by kurbash. However, such beautiful eyes made people feel more like they were acting coquettish:

"I warn you! Watching the Adult Video in the security duty room amounts to tarnishing the image of the Dong Fang Group! Furthermore, you show no remorse and even sexually harassed me, You are absolutely a rogue!!!"

Her elastic and soft big-chest rose and fell in anger, Bai Qian had never confronted such shameless jerk before!

"Chill, What do you mean by being rogue?! This is a scientific and highly socially valuable discussion. I have some videos for comparison, if you don't believe, I'll find some women with artificial breasts to show you, the amplitude of the trembling is definitely different!", Wang Chao straight away took out his mobile phone, and solemnly began to discuss it with Bai Qian.

"Put your phone away, who wants to watch those erotic videos with you!" Upon hearing these words, Bai Qian was indeed taken aback, genuinely afraid that Wang Chao would actually display those embarrassing videos in front of her.

"Didn't you say you didn't believe me? I am discussing scientifically with you, it's a great and valuable research that can benefit humanity."

Wang Chao's eyes were still constantly scanning Bai Qian's chest back and forth.

He enjoys teasing such a lovely beauty, who's so cute when even angry.

Bai Qian has encountered many who've peeped at her conspicuous chest before, but she had never met someone as blatant and shameless as Wang Chao!

There was a pause, then Wang Chao gived one sigh and continued,"However, it's always not quite accurate to assess it through clothes, it would be much better if you remove your clothes! Come on, let's study it together, we might even unlock some new positions."

Unlocking positions?

Bai Qian was stunned for a moment, then realized what Wang Chao meant. Her mind came up with those obscene video scenes, and her delicate face inexplicably added a blush of shyness!

Bai Qian pointed to the office door, "Enough, Wang Chao, since you like to study so much, then go home and study! I officially tell you now, you're fired, now, immediately, get out right away!"

"What, just for discussing science with you, and it's not like I have physically verified anything yet, am I getting fired just for this?", Wang Chao looked very aggrieved.

"Get out! Out! Out!"

Bai Qian was so furious that she couldn't guarantee whether she'd throw directly Wang Chao out of the building in the next second!

"Alright, alright, you're my leader, what you say, goes. If you say I roll, then I'll roll…" Wang Chao had a nonchalant expression on his face, as if he didn't care about losing his job. Beauty is beauty, even when she gets angry, it's still so beautiful as angel. He slowly walked towards the door, with a deep and mysterious warm smile on his face that even Bai Qian had a momentary illusion. It seemed that she shouldn't punish this handsome man like a spring breeze so harshly.

Just as Wang Chao walked to the door, Bai Qian's mobile phone suddenly rang. She glanced at the phone number and hit the answer button. "Manager Lin, this is Bai Qian."

"Bai, arrange a driver for me right now! Right now! The person in charge of the other Group's project is back, and he's invited me to discuss the project!" On the other end of the phone, Manager Lin's voice was a bit excited, clearly eager to secure this project:

"We must get this project, I have to rush over there now!"

"Yes, Mrs Lin!"

Upon hearing this, hang up, Bai Qian became worried. At this time, the company's drivers had long been off duty, and there was only her left and the recently fired man Wang Chao. She didn't possess a driving license, so it was impossible for her to drive and fetch Manager Lin. Is it the only way to let this rogue go?

A struggle was clearly shown on Bai Qian's face, but after thinking about Manager Lin's excitement on the phone, Bai Qian took a deep breath, suppressed her emotions, beautiful eyes glared at Wang Chao who was already at the door, and gritted her teeth:

"Hey, stand still! Get back here now!"