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"Huh? Where the fuck I am?"

A short blonde-haired young man spoke with an irritating expression on his face. The young man was a tall, handsome guy with blue eyes and three whisker markings on his cheeks.

He was wearing a black elastic forehead protector. Over his pants and sandals, he was wearing a black uniform jacket with an orange zipper and buttons on the waist and sleeves, which can be folded up at times. He also had a red armband with an Uzumaki crest on his left arm.

He looked around himself wondering where he was as he remembered that he was previously in his room last night however now, all of a sudden, he was in some unknown room.

The room didn't have many things in it except for a comfy bed and a table near it. Though the walls were filled with many posters which he instantly recognised.

He immediately turned to look at the window which was quite big. From the window, he could see many buildings and different people though the area looked like ancient Japan. He even looked at the big mountain which could be seen from anywhere and what he saw made him shocked though he didn't show any emotions outside.

He walked towards the mirror to confirm something. After looking at the mirror, his initial assumption was proven to be correct.

He had somehow managed to transmigrate and that too in the body of one of his favourite protagonists. He didn't know how but he had transmigrated as Naruto Uzumaki, the number one unpredictable ninja.

{1st POV}

I don't know how to react to this sudden change of events. I was just a normal college student who, like others, was interested in anime and manga though never in my life, I believed that such a thing might happen to me.

Even if this was a dream, everything still felt real. I could feel the pure air filled with an energetic aura, probably nature chakra mixed into it.

Even though I should be sad about the fact that my parents were now alone in that world, I didn't feel anything. As for the reason because I never lived with them so any parental love between us was non-existent.

They would be happier now as their trash son has left them. Now, they could fully support their other son to run their business.

Even though I was happy that I left those dumb people behind however there was something that was worrying him. That thing was the fact that I don't know the 'Boruto' storyline except for the fact that some Op fuckers are living in his world and some would be coming from the other dimensions.

I was a fan of the Naruto franchise, how could I have watched some dumb show about his son? I am sure that many people didn't like that show for the sole reason that his son was going against his dad for almost no reason.

"Though I didn't get any memories as well?"

I muttered with a worried expression. Even though I can act nicely, when it comes to acting in the acting of real shinobi, my acting skills would not be effective.

As I was thinking of some ways to solve this little problem suddenly a headache started causing me to grab my head tightly. I tried to keep my mouth shut however it didn't work as the pain continued to increase.

Was this how I was going to die? Just because I couldn't handle pain, the great Naruto Uzumaki died pathetically.

I was about to lose my consciousness when suddenly the pain disappeared completely. My entire face was filled with sweat while my breathing was hard.

I dropped on the bed, looking at the white ceiling above me. I started to take long deep breaths to calm down my raging nerves before I closed my eyes to rest for some time.

"Congratulations on successfully arriving in your favourite world, soul number:-09999. We have temporarily banned your ability to think and speak so you would not disturb us."

"Since we have done this without your permission, we gave some gifts to you as a form of compensation. We hope that you will like that and would not curse us otherwise things might get worse for someone.

Natural Genius:- You are a heaven-sent genius who can learn anything in little time. Your understanding of topics would be incomparable compared to the people in your new world. There is nothing in the world that you can't learn or understand.

Boundary Breaker:- It's a reference to breaking the universe's boundaries which says that one ability of the universe cannot be used in another, this skill breaks that law. As long as you have sufficient power, you can create other world powers. This also increases your potential to infinite.

Parallel mind + Accelerated Thoughts:- We don't need to give you an explanation of this, right? You are smart enough to understand this.

"These are the gifts that we have given you so be happy and enjoy your life fully. And don't worry about someone finding out that you are a transmigrated guy as no one would find you suspicious even if you did something out of character though we would suggest you do this slowly. And remember that some people might be able to sense that something is wrong with you however they would never be able to tell the difference.

Farewell, Ray or should we say Naruto Uzumaki? Have a good life."

Opening my eyes, I looked at the ceiling with a shocked expression, not knowing how to respond to the sudden voice which emerged in my head.

With this, I can finally confirm that I'm not dreaming and this shit is real now. Still, they have given me some cool cheats to workaround with and I know more than enough ways to use them in their best way.

I was about to stand up when another headache made its way into my head. These must be the memories of previous Naruto which are attacking my mind right now.

Even though this shit was painful, I can not do anything about it. I just need to endure this hellish pain so I could enjoy my future life without any pain.

Even though I had expected the pain to be more than before, I still underestimated it a little which resulted in me going unconscious.

This was a good way to start your first day in the new world. I don't even know how much time it would take me to wake up again. I just hope that I will get all the memories at this time. I don't want to get a headache daily.

"Naruto-kun? Are you alright?"

Suddenly, he heard a voice coming out from the door though he couldn't see as he was on the verge of losing consciousness, however, he managed to see her eyes.

"Such beautiful eyes."


"Would he be okay, Sakura-san?"

A featureless lavender-eyed girl asked with visible worry on her face. She is a slender girl of fair complexion with dark blue hair that she keeps long enough to reach her hips.

She is Hinata Hyūga, the wife of Naruto. It's been one day since their wedding happened though she could not stay with her husband because of her clan traditions. She needed to stay in her clan house on wedding night before she could go to her husband's house.

{A/N:- This is weird and might not be canon. I just added it here cause I wanted it. Though in some places it does happen.}

She was wearing a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist. She was wearing a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled boots.

Though when she came today to her husband's house, she noticed how he was whimpering in pain even though he was unconscious. This worried her greatly which was why she called out a member of her husband's team who was also the best medic in the entire world.

"Don't worry, Hinata. He is completely alright. It seems he had used the Shadow clone technique a little too much which resulted in this."

Sakura spoke with a small smile on her face while getting off the bed. She has checked his entire body and found nothing to worry about. Though she still used some chakra to calm down his mind which worried slightly as he was not whimpering anymore.

Sakura has fair skin, green eyes, and pink hair. She was wearing a sleeveless red qipao dress that reached her upper thighs, with white trimmings and a white circular design on the back which was tied with a black obi.

She was wearing black shorts underneath the dress, black gloves, and pink elbow and knee protectors. She has also changed her previous boots to regular black, high heeled ninja sandals.

Hearing the words of her friend, Hinata sighed in relief. She can never see him in such pain since childhood and this has not changed even a little bit.

"Thanks for checking upon him, Sakura-san."

Hinata spoke with a small smile while bowing a little to show her appreciation. She knew how busy Sakura was nowadays yet she immediately came here when she asked for her help.

Looking at the bowing girl in front of him, Sakura could not help but chuckle in slight annoyance. She had told that girl to not use honorifics when she talks to her but alas, that girl never listens to her. It just shows how much she resembles her husband.

"I'll be going back now. There are still many patients left for me to check upon. Have a nice day, Hinata and make sure to do your best tonight."

Sakura spoke with a teasing smile while walking towards the door. She turned her head behind slightly only to see a crimson red face Hinata who was looking at the ground while constantly murmuring something unrecognisable.

She loves teasing her best friend's wife so much though she was sure that from tomorrow it would not be the same as that girl would lose her innocence tonight. Hinata might start to tease her from tomorrow as she would have the 'Experience' of that while she doesn't have.

'Oh, Sasuke-kun. Where are you now? It's time for us to marry as well otherwise we would be the only couple who would be left behind as everyone has started to marry their crushes or love of their respective life. I wish to see you again, Sasuke-kun.'

Sakura thought with a sad expression on her face while gazing into the sky. Though the sad expression immediately disappeared when she saw people greeting her with a smile on their faces.

After some time, Hinata finally came out of her stupor and looked around herself with an embarrassed expression. Even though she had come out of her shy personality, when it came to him, she was always like this and to her, there was no problem with it.

Since he was still unconscious, she didn't know what to do when suddenly she remembered that she still had not decorated this house with her items. The things that she had brought back from her previous house contained some kind of good memories for her.

"Let's start by decorating the lower floor before working here."

Hinata muttered with a thoughtful expression while walking towards the door to go downstairs, though not before, covering his body in a blanket.

It was time to make this house a little better than before as from now on, it would be her place to stay as well for the rest of her life. She needed to show him that she was the best for him as his life partner.


"Hmm? What are you doing here Naruto? Should you not be enjoying your time with your little wife?"

A giant nine tails fox spoke with a confused expression on his face. The fox was sure that Naruto was going to spend some time with his wife, so why was he here?

"Oh, Kurama. I just used a little too much of the shadow clone technique which resulted in me going unconscious. It would take some time for my mind to get back to normal."

Naruto spoke with a grin on his face while lying to his partner with a straight face. He was not going to let anyone know that he is not from this world.

Kurama nodded at his partner's words even though they seemed a little strange. Some time ago, he had felt his connection disappearing with him though he didn't comment on it as it happened for just a microsecond or did it even happen? He was not sure either.

"Say Kurama, do you think you can help me to organise my memories? Since this is my mindscape and you live here with me, I wish to make this kind of a library."

Naruto asked with a small smile on his face, looking into the eyes of his partner who looked confused though he still nodded.

"Great, let's start with our work."

Naruto spoke with an excited expression on his face. With this, he would be able to protect his mind better and he would be able to handle those sudden memories better than before.


Even though he had Kurama by his side to organise his memories better, it still took a lot of time for the task to get done. Still, everything went pretty smoothly.

He along with his partner Kurama created different sections for different ages of memories.

From childhood to the time of becoming a Genin.

From Genin to the time skip of 3 years.

After the time skip to the fourth great ninja war.

After the war to the current time till he got married.

Yes, he got married to Hinata yesterday, however, due to her clan traditions, he could not get together with her as she went back to her clan while he kept drinking with his friends till late at night.

He was naturally happy at this development as he would very much like to become her first time partner. Though this development felt like the bs reasons of those authors on Web Novel in his past life.

{A/N:- Yes, this great author made such a bs reason. Praise me, mortals}

While they were making the library, he came across the memories of his past life which he immediately hid so Kurama would not find out. He had covered those memories with many things and he was sure that Kurama would not be able to find them. That guy was too lazy to look through his memories.

He was not a smart guy like those Mc who always tells others that they are from a different world and they came here with free wishes to make a harem for themselves.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Kurama."

Naruto spoke with a smile on his face before he disappeared from the mindscape. Though he missed the sudden teasing smile which had appeared on Kurama's face for a moment before it disappeared.

Coming out of the mindscape, he noticed that the sun was almost gone. Even though there was nothing noteworthy for him to do today, in the future, he can't waste his time in the mindscape. Maybe he could change the time ratio by learning some seals? Though who would even teach him? Almost all of them are dead who know things about seals.

"Hmm? What's this delightful smell?"

Naruto suddenly picked up a sweet aroma of some kind of food from the lower floor of his house.

Standing up from the bed, he removed the blanket from his body before he made his way towards the kitchen.

Has she already come here? He was not aware though he was hoping that she would be here.

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