The Strongest Mythical Emperor

This book, alternatively titled "The Heavenly Court of Great Qin," unfolds the tale of Qin Jun, who finds himself transported to a realm where he assumes the role of a demoted prince. Despite the challenging circumstances, destiny has more in store for Qin Jun than despair—enter the Mythology System! Under this system's influence, any character from mythology can be summoned into existence - The awe-inspiring might of the Supreme Heaven Great Sage, Sun Wukong, capable of shaking mountains and rivers with a single strike of his staff; The Thousand-Mile Eye and Favorable Wind Ears, acquiring profound perception of everything in the world. The Tathāgata Buddha, holding the Buddha Land within the palm of his hand, becomes an indomitable force from which no one can escape. Amidst this divine realm of Gods and Demons, Qin Jun solemnly pledges to rise as the preeminent Divine Emperor, determined to carve his path to unparalleled strength.

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Chapter 7: Skills Inheritance

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"Run! That kid has a magical device!"


"What kind of magical device is this, its destructive power is too strong!"

The soldiers still alive scattered in fear after witnessing the terrifying power of the Desert Eagle, while Qin Jun calmly said, "Daji, throw them all over here!"

"Yes, My Lord."

Daji said with a sweet laugh, and then she flew across the lake like a banished fairy, swift as a shadow. Qin Jun didn't bother firing again. Shortly after, Daji threw the first soldier over, and while he was still in the air, Qin Jun raised his hand and fired three shots, killing the soldier before he even hit the ground.

My marksmanship is still too poor!

Qin Jun thought regretfully to himself that if his shooting skills were better, he could have killed with a single shot.

Luckily, he had plenty of qi, and firing a few hundred shots was no problem at all!

And so, one soldier after another was flung over by Daji, and Qin Jun took the opportunity to practice his shooting. In less than a minute, all the soldiers had died under the qi bullets of the Desert Eagle. Unfortunately, Qin Jun was still short of some experience points to level up.

However, he thought that the experience points needed for the energy refining realm and the Foundation Establishment weren't that many, and perhaps after breaking through to the Golden Elixir Realm, the required experience points would become a massive number.

Qin Jun was quite satisfied with that thought.

Chang Hao and Chang Qianqian were agape with disbelief. Although these soldiers weren't very powerful, they were still cultivators of the energy refining realm. Even if the two of them joined forces, they couldn't fend off all the soldiers, but in front of Qin Jun and Daji, these soldiers seemed so weak!

They understood that it was actually Daji who was too strong, and the magical device in Qin Jun's hands was definitely of a high level!

"Alright, you two can leave now!"

Qin Jun, turning around and playing with the Desert Eagle, said to Chang Hao and the other with a smile. The silver barrel of the Desert Eagle reflected a cold light under the moonlight, making both of them flinch.

"Could you possibly send us back to Xuanling Sect?" Chang Qianqian asked in a pitiful manner, truly out of options.

She had come out to gain experience, thinking that with Chang Hao's protection, she could enjoy some sightseeing. Unexpectedly, they encountered trouble right from the start, being captured by Xiahou En just three days after leaving the sect. If it weren't for enemies that appeared along the way, Chang Qianqian would have fallen into Xiahou En's clutches.

Luckily, she and Chang Hao found a chance to escape, and after two days on the run, Xiahou En was still relentlessly pursuing her for her beauty. During the escape, she even sprained her ankle.

Now, wanting to return to the sect relying solely on Chang Hao was impossible. Chang Hao had been injured by Xiahou En and his strength was now like that of someone in the fifth layer of the energy refining realm. Traversing wild territories and passing through multiple cities would be extremely difficult, not to mention Chang Qianqian's beauty was likely to attract unwanted attention along the way.

So now she could only rely on Qin Jun and Daji.

Chang Hao, seething with anger, could not afford to keep up appearances either, knowing his injury all too well. While he seemed alright, his spleen had suffered a shock, and he required a long recovery period.

"Are you dreaming?" Qin Jun looked at Chang Qianqian as if she were a fool. Why should I send you back? I'm not your subservient senior brother!

"When we get back to the sect, I'll have my father reward you!" Chang Qianqian said desperately, nearly bursting into tears.

As if your father is that impressive! Qin Jun rolled his eyes, about to refuse, when the system prompt suddenly rang out: "Ding! Side quest triggered: escort Chang Qianqian back to Xuanling Sect. Reward: 5000 experience points!"

Five thousand experience points!

How many cultivators in the energy refining realm would I have to kill for that!

Qin Jun quickly changed his tune, thumping on his chest, saying with a righteous tone: "No problem, it's everyone's duty to protect the weak!"

Chang Qianqian's eyes widened, her long eyelashes still wet with tears, her mouth slightly open in a stunned expression that was quite adorable.

Daji and Chang Hao also looked at Qin Jun in surprise.

One moment his tone was impatient, and the next he suddenly changed his attitude.

"Really?" Chang Qianqian asked timidly, afraid that Qin Jun was toying with her.

"Really!" Qin Jun nodded seriously, and asked in his mind, "Why did I trigger a side quest?"

"The other party's desire for you to help was very strong, which is why the side quest was triggered."

"Additionally, since this is the first side quest triggered by someone else, once the host completes it, the skill inheritance mode will be activated!"

Skill inheritance mode?

Qin Jun's curiosity was immediately piqued, and the system patiently explained: "The so-called skills are a general term for cultivation methods, techniques, and Divine Powers. The host can randomly draw a skill inheritance from a God or Demon, with an unlimited range. Once drawn, the skill will be directly imparted into the host's mind, and with a little bit of cultivation, the host can display it with ease."

"Of course, if a skill too powerful is drawn while the host's strength is modest, the destructive power exhibited may not meet expectations."

Qin Jun had an epiphany and couldn't help but feel hopeful.

Even though he had reached the fourth layer of Foundation Establishment, he had few means of attack, and his only cultivation method was the mundane Energy Refining Mnemonic. This meant that without a cultivation method of the Foundation Establishment level, he couldn't expect to make further progress.

Luckily, he had the mythology system!

Level up by fighting monsters!

"My Lord, let's rest here for the night," Daji suggested, and since Chang Hao and Chang Qianqian had joined them, she could no longer take Qin Jun through the wilderness directly.

"Yes, let's rest by the lake," Chang Qianqian hastily agreed, her sprained ankle was extremely painful and she naturally wanted to rest for the night.

Qin Jun had no objections, though in his heart he couldn't help but feel a bit resentful. What a couple of cling-ons.

With that thought, Qin Jun headed straight for the lake. After his breakthrough to Foundation Establishment, the impurities within his body had been expelled through his pores, leaving him feeling sticky and extremely uncomfortable.

Upon seeing Qin Jun enter the lake, Daji smiled radiantly, and then placed a set of guard clothes by the lakeside.

"Sister, let me sleep with you tonight."

Chang Qianqian approached, pleading pitifully. These nights of fleeing with Chang Hao had made it impossible for her to relax and sleep, fearing he would harbor evil thoughts. Fortunately, Chang Hao hadn't torn off his hypocritical facade.

In Chang Hao's eyes, Chang Qianqian would sooner or later become his wife, and being too eager could ruin everything.

His goal was the entire Xuanling Sect!

Chang Hao silently went to a large tree to practice and recover his strength.

After bathing, Qin Jun felt refreshed despite his wet prison clothes, then took the guard clothes into the woods to change.

After donning the guard uniform, Qin Jun seemed reborn, his handsome features and damp hair only adding to his charm. As he walked over, Chang Qianqian's mouth fell open slightly.

She didn't expect this guy to be quite good-looking.

At least, not inferior to Chang Hao.

In fact, because of his breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment, his aura was even more transcendent than Chang Hao's, especially those bright, expressive eyes under his eyebrows, which made Chang Qianqian's cheeks flush with a hint of red.

Of course, this was all based on Qin Jun's previous display of strength because no matter how good-looking, he wouldn't have attracted Chang Qianqian's attention otherwise.

"Daji, I'm scared."

Qin Jun sidled up to Daji, pretending to be scared, which Chang Qianqian secretly scorned as shameless.