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What really killed it for me, is that it started as rational, kind-of scientific, but suddenly somebody has an ability to make live characters from a storybook. like WTF. Did this author suddenly take drugs? And after that it gets worse because the character interactions was messy and it became incoherent. It's all over the place and you don't know what the fart is happening. The mission/assassination arc was stretched to more than twenty chapters because of back and forth stupidity, planning, villains popping up. It's like the author suddenly became retarded.


Just finished reading 20 Chapters and i can say that this novel is worth a try . Not to many cliche's either 🙄 Cool Your Head With This Novel Fucking 140 Characters .


The first fifty chapters are interesting but it becomes repetitive crap and has no plot other than revenge. It's filled with trash talking and stupid disgusting twists. There are a lot of "!" drama that gives the impression that the narrator or the characters are panicking or having a nervous breakdown whenever a stupid obvious observation is made. Sorry, but I've become absolutely disgusted with the story that seems so desperate to engage the reader with its lame, repetitive crap.


I dropped this. The concept of genes is cool, even though it's obvious the author knows nothing about genetics. Like many other novels this MC has a cheat, and it's the most outragious, ridiculous and broken OP, I've ever witnessed. There is no suspance, everything is too easy for MC. Basicaly he just relies on this cheat to bulldoze through everything, his personal skill without cheat is negligible and the less he puts effort (instead relying on said cheat), the better the results are. Fights are not exciting at all, everybody just stand still throwing skills around (it's basically a poor version of pokemon fights). Have I said it yet? I hate this system, MC's cheat and the total lack of ******* and struggle. Ah, almost forgot: the main villain so far is the weakest villain ever, character wise. Most of the times he is just some pitiful, mediocre, petty antagonist, you even feel sorry for him. Then the author makes him do something really bad out of the blue tring his hardest to make him relevant somehow and make you hate him, but failing miserably at that. Basically this main villain is even lower than the copy-paste arrogant youg master you find in fast-food novels. I really can't figure out these high ratings, it's obviously a very *******ish job.


OVERALL:Great Story, The concept is original so you won’t see cliches and roll your eyes when “young master gets underestimated then kills his opponent in tournament, Then gets hunted by sect, then saved by a mysterious cultivator ect ect.” Its all refreshing and will make you craving more.The only problem is I need more CHAPTERS.


This story is absolutely ****. The writer has no skill in writing. He does nothing but write mob characters that do nothing but talk trash. I can't read a single chapter where theres not a single mob not talking trash about the MC. I mean I've read a lot of underestimated MC and looking down on. But this is just straight up annoying. Makes me not want to read light novels. This series could be great but it's not. It's down right a piece of trash. I dnt know how you rate any thing but 1 star. Just means they don't have any class.


Great story. Shit Spiritstone requirement, don't bother starting it unless u wanna pay 12ss per chapter. 4 spirit stones or an ad was okay. But this amount is just rediculous.


Paywalled. The story is really low quality in comparison to many of the other FREE novels out there. The writing style is really *******ish with its over use of sound effects. Every sentence is written as it’s own paragraph. The world building is lackluster. The interactions between characters - forced - and really only at the reading level of a elementary student. If youre gonna charge such prices for your story then it needs to be at a literary level worth the price. Humor is passable but strange at times since it’s based in another culture’s perspective. The translator could make a better effort at true translation - the art of representing words in context of the cultural and literal meanings of both languages. Translations are awkward. A native English speaker would never write in the same style, manner, or syntax. Overall, this story is NOT worth your spirit stones. Don’t bother and spend you time doing something more entertaining or of more value.


Website : qidian china Views : 1.68 million Rating : .7.7(195) Chapters : 608 Status : ongoing Word count : 1.34 million author rank : great


It started out fine but the further you go the worse it gets.. like srsly, the mc with his shrimp level strength now has to face some evil mysterious organization that no one freaking knew anything about until the fkin MC discovered it.. Like srsly the author dumbs down the enitre world to make the mc appear smart as **** and even then the mc still manages to be a full out retard which probably reflects on the iq of the auther himself pretty well.. TL;DR The auther is an idiot, the story is generic ****.


If you're about to pick this up for reading, i'll save you the trouble. Allthough the novel was a good read a paywall has been put up. The mechanics of the voting system in my eyes has been revealed aswell. *Vote for novel *Novel gets attention and high rating *Put up high spirit stone wall for chapters *Go buy the stones, you fricking cashcows Reason for me to drop this novel. I wonder which other novel is next.


I'm tired of these stories where all the mobs do nothing but talk nonsense crap. Stop making unoriginal stories like this. Stop wasting my time by making me half to read dumb ass mobs looking down on the characters as fillers. That is the most annoying way to drag out the story. Find a better way to extend your story. If you can't then stop writing.


Paywall!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not start if are not prepared to Pay a ****load of spiritstones. Story is medicore anyway so ist is not even worth the price.


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Honestly speaking i was interested in it at the start but after continuing reading i realize i read it more because there was nothing else to read that i liked .reading i got more and more out my only evaluation is that it SUCKS.


You are to much qidian, you remove the advertisement option now, money sucker. I just need to remove it. I dont care anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone got very hungry for money and paywalled this entire story behind spirit stones. At first i was hoping, hey, maybe large amounts of extra chapters are paywalled and will be unlocked to show ads as time goes on. Didn't happen. Not a bad story, rather unique too. But not bothering with the paywall so removing this from my list


i'll give it 5 stars since it seems quite interesting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------