The strongest Demonic Immortal

I will not be bullied in his life, so i shall take on the name Frankenstein, when my enemies remember my name let them shiver......wait i am a transmigrator? and i also have a system ? Frank was abandoned in the military academy at the ripe age of 15 only to find out that his parents had mysteriously disappeared leaving a message explaining that he was not really their child but the transmigrated soul of an evil entity from another world, he refuses to accept it but slowly he comes to understand his true nature and after unlocking his memories he sets of to control the world his motives unknown but his drive and determination unquestionable Follow our protagonist Frank as he sets off into this new world, his goal to become stronger and one day rule the world,. with war is at every corner. Watch as he makes alliances and enemies in this world of mythological beasts, cultivators, ,evil entities, and gods on his road to the top, Will his ambitions lead to peace in this world? Or will he bring about the ultimate destruction of this world ? chat on discord https://discord.gg/k93VX3H4 NOTE: Fair warning the mc will not start out ambitious but when he unlocks the seal in his mind around chapter 108 he will become smarter and more scheming Make it to that point so we can go on this journey together For those who don't like the fatty jack please note that the author and the fatty are one and the same i will make myself a beast in my own novel no need to be worried he will be a badass

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<p>honestly chapter 1 to 10 is basically an intro things only get interesting from Chapter 11<br/>.<br/>.<br/>"There it is." An older man who stood beside a young man with short and silver hair said with a cough:<br/>"ohhhh" the young man said<br/>A huge gate stood in front of a large mountain Range.<br/>This was the firebird base.<br/>Seeing the majesty of the building in front of him, the young man couldn't help but sigh.<br/>His mind slowly trailed off to a moment he had with his father some years ago.<br/>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<br/>He was seated next to his father, as they always were.<br/>All of a sudden, his father asked him a question.<br/>"What does it mean for one to engage in battle?"<br/>Frank looked a bit confused, but before he could even answer, his father continued.<br/>"For example, the people of northern Wei have been in a constant state of war since it seceded from the great kingdom of Wei. Due to the constant offensive from the kingdom of Chen and the refusal of the royal family of Wei to deploy more troops to the northern border of Wei, the country suffered raid after raid; people were killed, land was lost, treasures were stolen,<br/>They suffered for decades until something unexpected happened. The old second royal prince, who was expelled from the kingdom years ago by the crown prince's people, suddenly came back.<br/>On that day, he fought against hordes of soldiers with his army, and that sparked one of the most surprising series of events to ever happen in the kingdom of Wei. Numerous generals from northern Wei abandoned the royal capital and sided with the second prince, successfully seceding from the kingdom of Wei and forming the great kingdom of northern Wei.<br/>The royal prince immediately deployed the kingdom's royal army and headed for northern Wei. They fought skirmish after skirmish; blood flowed like water across the land; those battles would later be known as<br/>THE HEAVEN-SLAYING WAR<br/>"That was a very long time ago, and northern Wei has since then established a strong foothold. Northern Wei could now defend itself against the kingdom of Wei," he said, pausing briefly.<br/>"cough" He seemed to have trailed off from his original goal and had ended up giving a history lesson.<br/>"You may not be able to answer this question right now, but on your 15th birthday, you will face your first tribulation; perhaps by then, you will be able to answer my question."<br/>"Or maybe after your second or third tribulation in life, who knows, but one day you must answer this question everyone must answer it in life," he added.<br/>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<br/>"So this is what he meant," The young man thought.<br/>He later discovered that all at the age of maturity, that is, 15, were required to test their potential and see if they could fit into the cadet program at the Fire-bird base.<br/>Northern Wei was still in an ongoing conflict; they needed all the men they could get.<br/>"What are you waiting for?" "Go in and get tested," the older man stated flatly.<br/>"Ah?" Frank was very hesitant.<br/>"Don't be worried, I am sure you will pass." The old man consoled<br/>"Ehh, I don't really want to," The young man replied.<br/>"Ohh, that's a problem, you don't really have a choice," but this time the older man didn't say it out loud.<br/>"Okay, look at me," the older man said as he crouched down.<br/>"The world is controlled by strength. I understand you want to live a peaceful life, but it won't be possible without strength, be it this or something else; strength is the only constant. Let's make a deal; it's a 50/50 chance that you might pass, so if you don't just come back home, I will always be there for you." The older man explained<br/>"Hm," The young man said, nodding.<br/>He couldn't help but smile.<br/>"His dad was always the strict and staunch type; if he said yes, then you dared not say no."<br/>"The fact that he was trying to edge him on showed that he understood that this was a big step and that he needed to hear this" the young man thought.<br/>He turned and started jogging towards the base.<br/>And soon enough, he was out of sight.<br/>"Hehe, but you will undoubtedly pass because you are my son."<br/>As soon as the older man said that, he turned around and quickly left the area.<br/>"Get out of the way!"<br/>While jogging, The young man heard a scream inching closer and closer from a distance.<br/>A shadow brushed past him, and he immediately tried to dodge to avoid the incoming person. The boy didn't make it far, though, as he was soon caught by his pursuer.<br/>"You're taking the assessment whether you like it or not," said the tall man who just grabbed the boy.<br/>"Help help! I am being kidnapped by a pervert. I don't want to be defiled," screamed the boy.<br/>Instantly, the white-robed man poured out blood from his nose.<br/>He seemed very angry.<br/>"Young master, please don't make this harder than it already is. I really can't do anything about this. I am only following the master's orders. While we are in this region, you have to follow their rules."<br/>"I don't want to join the damn army, much less in a backwater place like this one, no offense," said the boy.<br/>"Tell you what, Mr. White, if you get me out of here, I can put in a good word for you, so you can get some of my big brother's wine stash, I promise," said the boy righteously while struggling to get free.<br/>The white-robed man just kept on walking.<br/>The boy screamed, "You there!" the kid in black. If you can save me and get me out of this dump, I can give you a million, no, a billion gold coins if you can whoop this big oaf's ass too.<br/>The young man stared at the scene, stunned, but he couldn't really do anything but shrug his shoulders and walk into the barracks as well.<br/>On getting into the barracks, he noticed a crowd of people lined up in several sections.<br/>There stood a man in black robes with a face covered in black cloth and a straw hat covering his eyes.<br/>He looked unarmed but released an aura that could pierce the very soul itself.<br/>Beside him was an ordinary-looking young man reading with glasses on and an old-looking book.<br/>He didn't seem to be paying attention to the world around him.<br/>There were several other sections with extraordinary-looking people, including<br/>the protector's unit,<br/>the destruction unit,<br/>And the assassin unit, which was oddly located near the nerdy-looking young man with glasses.<br/>The line soon began to move on each section.Frank moved onto the line for the infantry unit, which was one of the ordinary-looking units.<br/>They were administrative officers, registering all the candidates.<br/>The line moved quickly, and soon the sun had started setting. When it got to Frank's turn, the administrative officer said to him,<br/>"Fill out this form, then go stand over there." He pointed to a tall, middle-aged man with a red robe on. Frank filled it as fast as he could and turned to hurry over to the middle-aged man.<br/>The man said to The young man with silver hair<br/>"Hit me"<br/>The young man looked stunned for a minute but proceeded to do as he was told. He punched the man, and his hands grew numb. It felt like striking a brick wall.<br/>The middle-aged man then said:<br/>"Give me your hand."<br/>The middle-aged man then looked at The young man with silver hair with a lot of delight. He smiled and then screamed.<br/>"A ranked physique?" the man asked himself.<br/>Then he looked at The young man with silver hair and said, "You are a promising young man." "Go over there, and you'll be taken to your dorms."<br/>"Yes, sir!" shouted The young man with silver hair while he jogged to the next stage of the registration. While jogging, he noticed a blurry figure that looked all too familiar overtaking him.<br/>When The young man saw that, he at first looked stunned, but he had no choice but to increase his speed while he thought in his head.<br/>"How in hell is he so fast?"<br/>That figure was the fatty he just met at the gate of the barracks. They sprinted for 30 seconds. In the end, Frank got to the line first.<br/>When the fatty got there, he punched out and said in a loud voice,<br/>"Don't cut in line!"<br/>The young man gave him a startling look.<br/>He thought, "How shameless."<br/>While he dodged, the fatty suddenly realized who he was and said<br/>"Oh, it's you. Why did you cut in line? You could have just asked nicely. Sigh, young people these days. Don't worry, I'll take you in as a little brother. If anyone bullies you, let your big brother know. "I will sort it out," said the fatty while looking up righteously.<br/>The young man could only curse the fatty in his head,<br/>"Shameless bastard."<br/>But then a loud voice suddenly sounded.<br/>"Infantry unit 52, create groups of 4; move orderly, and follow me." It was a young-looking man with a red military-grade uniform with Firebird written on it.<br/>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<br/>The young man with silver hair got into his room to settle in for the night. It was not surprising that he was in the same room with the fatty. There were two other people in the room, but they didn't stand out much, mostly remaining silent until<br/>The fatty said, "Hello guys, my name is Jack, but you can call me All Trades because I'm a Jack of All Trades."<br/>The fatty laughed out loud while everyone in the room could only stare at him in shock.<br/>"What a bad joke!" was what went through all their minds.<br/>"Come on, introductions," the fatty said, and one of the other kids stood up and said<br/>"Frank" The young man with silver hair said <br/>"Call me Joey. It's nice to meet you all."<br/>He and the other guy were from a village that was far away from a Firebird military base, so they had to come here from there. The other guy's name was Jake.<br/>Fatty immediately screamed.<br/>"The three j's, Frank, you have to change your name so we can be uniformly called the four j's." That would be perfect."<br/>Frank looked at the fatty with the side of his eyes and thought, "So I have to change my name because you said so."<br/>But Frank remained silent.<br/>The fatty proceeded to talk about how he was the heir to some powerful family in the capital, how he shouldn't be here, and how lucky we all were to be in his presence. He also made a lot of promises to us all about taking us out of the boonies when he becomes a high-ranking military officer.<br/>Hours later, as the sun started to rise, I had the feeling that if we hadn't slept, he would keep talking all night.<br/><br/>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<br/><br/>hey guys this is my first novel it gets better down the line say around chapter 15 And if you want the villain Mc it's chapter 108 sorry for the inconveniences</p>

hey guys this is my first novel it gets better down the line say around chapter 15 And if you want the villain Mc it's chapter 108 I feel like growth matters alot

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