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The strongest Demonic Immortal


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I will not be bullied in his life, so i shall take on the name Frankenstein, when my enemies remember my name let them shiver......wait i am a transmigrator? and i also have a system ? Frank was abandoned in the military academy at the ripe age of 15 only to find out that his parents had mysteriously disappeared leaving a message explaining that he was not really their child but the transmigrated soul of an evil entity from another world, he refuses to accept it but slowly he comes to understand his true nature and after unlocking his memories he sets of to control the world his motives unknown but his drive and determination unquestionable Follow our protagonist Frank as he sets off into this new world, his goal to become stronger and one day rule the world,. with war is at every corner. Watch as he makes alliances and enemies in this world of mythological beasts, cultivators, ,evil entities, and gods on his road to the top, Will his ambitions lead to peace in this world? Or will he bring about the ultimate destruction of this world ? chat on discord https://discord.gg/k93VX3H4 NOTE: Fair warning the mc will not start out ambitious but when he unlocks the seal in his mind around chapter 108 he will become smarter and more scheming Make it to that point so we can go on this journey together For those who don't like the fatty jack please note that the author and the fatty are one and the same i will make myself a beast in my own novel no need to be worried he will be a badass