17 Underground Otherworld Shop

[You are being teleported to the Underground Otherworld Shop.]

A teleportation device seemed to have been put inside the wooden door he had just opened and transported him to this place that looked nothing like the slums or the building he had taken to come here.

It was bustling with different types of people of other races; with a quick look, Aiden saw a group of dwarfs, an elf, and a vampire; he even saw what seemed to be a human with some parts of a dragon attached to him.

'Is this place in the Otherworld, or are we still in Nova?' Aiden thought, trying to make sense of the situation unfolding before him.

Wanting to get some information about where he was, Aiden started looking around him and saw what seemed to be an information center with an elf seemingly wanting someone to come and ask her some questions.

The elf didn't look that old, but one could never know with the elves. She was quite good-looking and seemed friendly. She had white hair with ears that were pointy, she really looked like an elf one could see in movies.

"Hello, young awakener, what can I do for you today?" the elf asked with a smile.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I kind of got here by accident, and I was wondering if there was any way of telling me what this place is?"

"Oh, you're one of those. Well, it's simple you are in the Underground Otherworld Shop that was created long ago by the four founding families, the Nightshade, the Emberbane, the Ravenwood, and the Moonshadow. They have created this space to help young awakeners like yourself to sell the items they gain in the Otherworld."

"Oh ok, is this place in the Otherworld or are we still in the real world?" Aiden asked to make sure.

"If by the real world you mean Nova, our planet. Then yes, we are still in the real world; you didn't get teleported to the Otherworld where your trials take place. Don't worry."

"If we're not in the Otherworld, then how were we teleported here?"

"Who knows? It's a secret closely guarded by the four families to impede others from creating spaces like this everywhere."

"Oh ok, then that's all I had to ask. Bye," Aiden said as he turned around, not interested in hearing more about the founding families.

But as he was leaving, he suddenly turned around, looking as if he had forgotten something.

"Actually, where could I sell this?" He asked, as he wasn't sure what he could do with them. He didn't know this place, after all.

"Wow, you got a core from a boss monster. Well, the experts in that field aren't that far away from here, go in a straight line on your left and you will find the shop. It's called Core Expert. As for your mace, it seems to be only of Basic Tier, which probably won't amount to much, but there are people who buy scrap items around here. Just go in any type of shop and they will give a price for it."

She seemed surprised that the boy in front of her had a core monster. But she thought it was given to him by his family as support. She didn't believe the feeble boy in front of her could have killed a boss monster in a trial since it's so hard to do, even for people who train their whole lives.

"And also, do you know of a place where I could buy a dagger? You see, I'm trying to equip myself as best as possible before doing my second trial."

"Oh, it's no problem. Ask as many questions as you want. Usually, I'm bored out of my mind since most people know this place from the inside out." The elf said, looking desperate for some clients

"Then, to answer your question, the most renowned shop that sells weapons around here is a shop that is managed by one of the four founding families, the Ravenwood. The Ravenwood family is known for their blacksmiths and the quality of their equipment. You should be able to find what you want there. They have all types of weapons for any price. Did you want to know anything else?"

"No, actually I think I'm good, I should probably go. Thank you once again for your help!"

When Aiden turned around, the elf at the counter made a subtle move, seemingly calling someone to take her place.

It seemed she wasn't as ordinary as Aiden thought. Aiden managed to get some of her curiosity about wanting to learn more about the young man she had met for the first time.

The reason for her curiosity about Aiden was because of the items Aiden had shown her, if he was powerful enough to kill a boss monster on the first trial then it was worth it to look into him. Also, having a good relationship with a young awakened was always good.

She started running behind at a speed that was way too fast for the naked eye to see.

"Since you look kind of lost even with the information I gave, do you want me to accompany you? I could tell you if some of the merchants are trying to rip you off. My name is Maelis by the way. Nice to meet you!" The elf said as she extended her hand to Aiden.

"Uh... the name's Aiden." Aiden shook her hand back. "But, are you sure you want to accompany me? Wouldn't that be a waste of your time?"

"Oh that's fine, I actually don't do much besides working here. And with me being with you, nobody will try to steal from you, and don't you worry... even if I don't look like the strongest, I can defend myself quite well." Maelis said with a big smile.

"Then I guess you can accompany me if you want."

"Perfect! Where do you want to go first?"

"Well, I don't really have money, so I'm hoping to exchange this core for some money, and then I'll go buy my dagger with the money I got."

After deciding what he wanted to do, Aiden headed straight left toward the shop known as Core Expert, where he would exchange his core for money.

Five minutes later, they arrived in front of the shop and it was magnificent, it didn't look anything like the shop he had found in the slums. It was crazy. All types of people were entering and leaving the building very fast.

Some of them were emitting a dangerous aura which meant that they were strong, he couldn't wait to see the strength of the ones who managed this shop.

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