150 Chapter 150 - Fake Trial or Real Trial

Then, as Aiden could see the messages of him being teleported, he was once again in the same white room which he had seen two times already.

Nothing had changed, the waiting room really hadn't changed at all as there was still absolutely nothing inside of it.

'Do the founding families have control over the system?' thought Aiden as he appeared in this room, still wondering how any of this was even possible.

Because as far as everyone knew the system was an unknown entity which had appeared a long time ago.

So, how could the founding families decide that they wanted to make a fake trial for the twelve participants that we left?

Then, the system's voice resounded inside of Aiden's mind followed by its usual beeping noise.


[Your third trial will start in two minutes.]

Aiden mindlessly read that message which had just appeared in front of him, not caring about it that much.


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