The Strong Beauty is a Goddess in Showbiz

A female priestess had been trapped in a temple all her life. After being captured by the rebel army, she reincarnated as Qi Wu, a teenager who lived in the modern era. *** "Rookie Assembly" was a phenomenal talent show that had been wildly popular in recent years. Well-rounded idols, esports professionals, top-notch musicians, and even the most popular actress in the country were still struggling to survive in this show. However, not long after the show started, they all expressed how Qi Wu was their inspiration in life. The things Qi Wu did in her daily life while being part of the show included working, making money, and occasionally sorting out problems children faced. In the eyes of netizens, Qi Wu was a strong and capable bigshot who constantly prevailed over all others. *** Jin Si was recognized as the poison ivy of showbiz. People could only admire him from afar, and a single touch could get someone killed. Even his hard-core fans admitted that they wished he didn't have such a wicked tongue. One day, Jin Si published a Weibo post. "Jin Si: I have the opportunity of a lifetime to prove that I'm not weird. @QiWU" Netizens went wild right away. "Help! I get to ship a real couple!"

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Why Tan Song Would Go Through All That Trouble To Treat Her Well

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Sure enough, Qi Wu gently pushed Tong Luo's hand away and softly said, "You guys can go back first."

"How can this be?"

"We'll wait for you here!" Jiang Xuxu hurriedly said.

Qi Wu shook her head. "Go back."

At Qi Wu's insistence, they looked at each other and could only compromise.

Seeing that, the smugness in Qiu Yan's eyes grew.

Ke Lu walked past her and coldly warned her, "Don't try any of your schemes on her."

Qiu Yan was startled. She looked at Ke Lu's cold and indifferent eyes and shivered.

What was going on?

Why did this woman, whom she rarely paid attention to, make her hair stand on end just now?

"Qiu Yan."

Qiu Yan only came back to her senses when Qi Wu called out to her.

She forced a smile. "L-Let's go."

Qi Wu glanced at Qiu Yan's pale face and didn't say anything. She quietly followed Qiu Yan.

The two of them stopped in an empty alley.