Reviews of The Story About me and The Girl who Asked me out


The Story About me and The Girl who Asked me out


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When I reached to the 5 th chapter, I feel so happy for trying this out. Your book title got my attention specially. Actually this is unexpectable. Because every novel the lead is taken by the boy. So here when I saw your title immediately started to read because I was excited for somwthing new. When I was reading, I found out that you have a good mind for explane in a certain way. Just love that. Okay author, not gonna make this long. Allover, this is good. Love it. keep it up.. Rooting for you 👍👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️

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I love the story, it sounded like a first date to me, and Matsuki was one amazing character that gave it a spark and was so nicely done. I enjoyed it, I just loved the way the story developed.


It was nice reading although there are some minor mistakes like the used of capital letters in the paragraphs looks random and I suggest to use full stop symbol before the capital letters


Nice work. I read the initial chapters and I'm surely gonna read them all. The plot, the backstory and the characters are all well-built. Personally, I am a fan of revenge stories. And your story is kinda realistic. It doesn't matter who plays with others' feelings first. But, what should people do when they get betrayed. Revenge is the first thing that comes to mind. And you know what. When your first scar is your first love, then it doesn't matter how many came after that, because you'll never gonna love them anyways.


Reading this was enjoyable for me because it reminded me of original series, as if I am reading a realistic story. Good, simple grammar is used throughout. Your story had me completely engrossed. I was unable to stop myself from reading more.


First chapter in, you know this is going to be a teen story with a R18 concept. Not one to judge and I know this is a work of fiction but I'm surprised to learn they started being intimate quite early on. It's very much a "ruin all girls because a girl ruined my life" concept and honestly it is not my cup of tea since I'm a girl (lol). But that should not be an issue since your book is already set in the right audience. Writing wise I think it's not bad for someone young. Of course there's also room for improvement. Personally, I think you should proofread them so there would not be any confusion with the readers. All the best!


It has a nice pace to it, and also, I really like the MC's character. I'm into romcoms, a lot, and this book is my cup of tea. Kudos to the author ^-^


Not somebody who’s really into romance really but I still found this one entertaining, mainly at the mcs complete incel behavior having some of the dumbest (in a good way) and comedic narration I’ve read lately; I probably won’t read further cause romance isn’t really my thing but the work itself is decent in my opinion.


The story's been brilliant so far, good world building and nice pacing to it. The updates are also nice. Keep up the good work author! You'll only get better!


The storyline is pretty interesting and the plot twist of "He is she?" left me like "good", the author has done a good job in creating the world background and characters.


The story development and character design seems nice....I just took and overview and it seems nice ......So I can't say more as I haven't read that much


The writing is nice...overall reading was interesting...i loce the premise and how the book is going...will continue to read and add to my library


The story is quite interesting. l love the character designs and world background of this book. The writing is so good it keeps me engaged all the time....all the best dear


5/5 reading status Bro, you've written very well. I like your way of describing everything Moreover the wording was easy to understand, can't read further but definitely gonna add it to my library😘


an enjoyable read, the plot is great and also very easy to understand, allowing a person like myself who doesn't enjoy romance novels to read it with no issues whatsoever!


The story is nice, and I was immersed in the story as it was easy to read and interesting. I am loving the Mc already and this story is totally one of those stories you can read while relaxing, great work 💖💖💖💖💖💖


I enjoyed my session reading this, it gave a familiar feeling I get from anime. The mc is honestly comedic in my opinion and he also seems dense lol. The grammar is good, easy to read. The plot is good. The scenes are well described and immersive. What more do I need?


Tengo Fe desde que puso etiqueta Harem/+18 realmente no me gusta mucho las escenas sexo, pero con eso se que el prota no sera un idiota. dejaré acumular al menos unos 20caps