1 Prologue: Confession

I am cleaning the black board, a black board That's color green, I sighed while thinking 'Why people always make us get confused, Don't tell me the one who name this board is actually colorblind?'

"Hahaha..." I laughed in a low tone while putting the eraser on the table.

"M-Matsuki-kun!" A stuttered woman's voice came from behind

She called me? That's right, my name is Matsuki, Matsuki Satoro, a sophomore High school student at a renowned school.

She walked towards me and stood elegantly in front of me with her dignified look.

I was about to leave our classroom because I finally finished everything. Did she need something from me? She's Kira, our class representative,

we were both left here to clean for today, of course we're not the only one who are supposed to clean Today, but they gave us an excuse, saying that they have club activities and ditch the work on us. Our class rep that is nice as ever let them and that's why we're the only one here.

If I have to describe her, she's a beauty, she's what you called a Bishoujo; She has a nice personality, good grades and reputation.

"Do you need something from me?" I indifferently said.

"Ah...Uhm..eto.. Matsuki-kun...I-I have something to tell you." She's playing with her hands and trembling at the same time, "You see.. Uhmm..."

"What is it?"

"Eh! wait...it's.."

"If you don't have anything to say, I'll go now." I turned and walked towards my chair where my bag is. She's still standing there beside the black board and fidgeting, and then when I was about to leave the classroom through the door. She hurriedly went to me and pulled my sleeves.

"Huh? What is it?" I turned and

get her hands off on my sleeves.

"W-wait.." She Inhaled and exhaled then "M-Matsuki- Kun! I-I.. I like you! Please go out with me!"

"Huh?" Feeling surprised, I unintentionally let out.

I looked at her closely and see her hands trembling, her face is beet red and she was somewhat surprised on what she said.

"M-Matsuki-kun..."She pulled my sleeves again and get close.

What's her deal? Why is she asking me out? Why would our class representative do this? I don't think I'm attractive for her to fall in love with me, my face is neither ugly nor handsome but it's not enough to attract someone.

Why would she asked me out? Did

I do something to her to make her fall in love? No, I don't think I did anything like that, I only spend my time at school just like what an average student would do.

Wait! wait! Dont think, Don't think! Let's see... Judging by her way of approaching me, it was sudden and without any notice act. Her hands are trembling while holding my sleeves but there's no need to think right now, This could be favourable to me.

It looks like, She lost on bet or something and was forced to asked me out. Yeah, that's the only reason I can think of, but this is a good one, yeah...Heheheh.. I'll make you regret doing this to me.

"Okay, let's go out!"

I pulled her hand and she bump onto me my chest, I gently rubbed her head and hug her.

She just simply calm down and that's where we started dating.

My mind is full of Ulterior Motives, and a sinister smile is showing on my face as I hold her inside the classroom that only have us.

Why did I agreed to go out with her although I don't love her? Although she's attractive and popular, I would never fall in Love, Huh? Love? What a joke!

I'm not a simp! I want to make her suffer! Hahah...


Early in the morning, the sunlight passed through the ceiling that has a hole and it reaches my face.

The light that always wake me up like an alarm clock, was done its purpose as always.

I rose up and brush my teeth, looked at the mirror and smiled.

"Today is the day I'll get my revenge on girl!" I yelled so early in the morning while having a sinister smile on my face.

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