1 The Goddess' Confession Is To a Poor Man?

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Chen Che had come from a parallel universe.

The original owner of the body had the same name as him. He was a courier living alone in Jiangshi City.

His elderly parents lived in the countryside, and he had to send money home every month.

After deducting the daily rent and daily expenses, although he earned a few thousand dollars a month, he barely had enough to make ends meet.

As someone who could also endure hardships, Chen Che did not care about the poor conditions at this moment. Instead, he was shocked that such a strange thing like transmigrating had happened to him.

[Host Chen Che, male, 27 years old. Authentication successful!]

[The Savings and Cash Return System has been secured!]

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded.

"You're here already?"

Chen Che was not frightened. Instead, he was overjoyed. As a fan of novels, he naturally knew that this was a benefit after transmigrating.

With a thought, a golden light appeared. The rich interface that only he could see appeared in front of him.

At the top, there were the words 'Return System', shining with golden light.

In the middle was a golden treasure basin that flickered with golden stars. There were four golden toads lying on the upper edge, and the center of the basin was marked with 0x10000.

At a glance, it looked like the introduction sequence of a game.

Chen Che quickly moved his gaze to the bottom and checked the instructions.

[To save money and recoup interest, as the name implies, the system will increase the amount of money you save. The return ratio will be 10,000 times!]

[Procedures: Bind the bank card—save it in the Cash Return Basin—wait for the interests]

[Special note: Saving money is a deadline account for one year. It can't be taken out and used midway, but it can be saved at any time. The starting time is based on the effective date.]

Ten thousand times?

If I save 10,000 now, it will be 100 million a year later?

Moreover, it could be stored inside at any time during this period. Wouldn't that be increasing?

Thinking of this, Chen Che could no longer sit still. His excited heart and trembling hands!

Who wouldn't want to be a billionaire?

[Bank card binding successful! Saving 1,000 dollars this time!]

[June 6, 2025—June 6, 2026]

Chen Che quickly completed the operation and saved all his assets.

Accompanied by the system's voice, the original 0X10000 also became 1000X10000=1000000.

Counting the seven zeros behind 1 and thinking about his immortal life a year later, Chen Che could not help but laugh heartily.

After being happy for a while, Chen Che closed the interface, put away his emotions, and began to think about how to get more money.

That's right, he was not satisfied. If he had to ask, he was afraid of poverty!

Besides, who would complain about having too much money?

Knock knock!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Chen Che frowned and thought that the landlord must have come to urge him to rent.

Now that he had the system, it was fine if he did not rent this house. The money saved would be a huge profit.

From today onwards, he will save as much as he can!

With this thought in mind, Chen Che hurriedly went to open the door.

However, what greeted his eyes was not the landlord, but a beautiful woman with a ponytail.

Her figure was curvaceous and tall. Even without heavy makeup, she was still devastatingly beautiful.

Chen Che learned from his memories that the person who came was called Lin Xi. She came from the same village as him, and the two of them could be considered childhood sweethearts.

Lin Xi's choice was to start her own business and rely on her talent to quickly make the company prosper. She frequently appeared in financial news.

At the same age, Lin Xi was already a female CEO, but Chen Che was delivering packages.

Comparisons were odious.

Besides the title of a career woman, Lin Xi was also affectionately called the goddess of Jiangshi City by many male compatriots!

It was not an exaggeration to say that the pursuers had long been waiting outside Jiangshi City.

After all, who didn't like beautiful women? Who didn't like rich people?

Chen Che was also one of her admirers, but it was not because of her beauty or money. When he first fell in love, he liked Lin Xi for her gentleness and consideration.

He wanted to save more money and confess, but he couldn't save it at all. Moreover, Lin Xi, who had risen quickly, didn't give him the chance.

In the past, he could not give the other party a good life, let alone now?

Therefore, Chen Che buried this love deep in his heart.

Now that Lin Xi had suddenly come to visit with a camera crew following behind, Chen Che was really confused.

"Lin Xi, what's going on?"

Lin Xi blushed and said extremely seriously, "Chen Che, we've known each other since we were young. Although we've been running around all these years, I know that we're always thinking about each other."

"Rather than being tortured like this, it's better to love boldly. I… I want you to be my boyfriend. Are you willing?"

Chen Che was flattered. The goddess he had a crush on had confessed to him?

This happiness came too suddenly!

If it was the original Chen Che, he would have thought about it again and again.

However, the current Chen Che is no longer the same, not to mention that he would be a billionaire a year later!

Besides, the goddess had delivered herself to his door. How could he reject her?

Moreover, this could be considered as fulfilling the unfulfilled wish of the original person whose body he's in now.

"I'm willing!" Chen Che said firmly.

Lin Xi was originally worried that Chen Che would refuse, but when she heard this straightforward answer, she immediately smiled excitedly.

"Alright, from today onwards, we're a couple."

"Chen Che, let's have a passionate relationship."

After saying that, Lin Xi's face turned even redder, and her delicate appearance became even more alluring.

"Sure." Chen Che nodded and teased, "You even brought a video recording of your confession. Are you afraid that I'll go back on my word?"

"No." Lin Xi hurriedly shook her head as she explained, "It's a large-scale reality show called Sweet Love. It's being broadcast all over the Internet."

"There are a total of ten new couples participating in the competition. During the program, the couple's daily lives will be filmed in real time."

"When the entire process is over, the couple who obtains the most attention and votes will receive a housing and cash award."

"Of course, I'm not doing this for the exposure. I just want to take this opportunity to create an unforgettable memory. You won't mind, right?"

"I see." Chen Che smiled. "Of course I don't mind. As long as you're happy."

Upon hearing this, the host behind hurried forward.

"Congratulations on forming a team! Handsome, introduce yourself and greet the netizens!"

"Hello, everyone. My name is Chen Che. I hope everyone will support us." This was the first time Chen Che was facing the camera. He was not nervous at all and took the initiative to canvas for votes.

The host spoke again. "Because Miss Lin has her own traffic, the netizens are currently very active. I'll ask you a few questions on their behalf. Please answer truthfully!"

"Do you have a car, please?"


"You own this house now?"

"It's not mine."

Chen Che's honest answer caused the host's expression to change slightly.

"Handsome guys who don't buy cars or houses. They must have saved everything!"

"Excuse me, how much savings do you have? Just give me a rough figure."

Faced with this question, Chen Che could not help but blush. All his belongings were only of 1,000 dollars value, and he had just saved them into the system.

He wanted to lie, but Chen Che felt that there was no need. In the end, he answered truthfully, "A thousand."

"Ten million?" the host pressed.

Chen Che smiled awkwardly. "No, it's a thousand dollars."

Even the experienced host could not help but change his expression at this moment.

She thought to herself, "Did Lin Xi make a mistake? Who did she find? Isn't this ruining the traffic?"

As expected, the live-stream exploded at this moment.

[F*ck! So it's San Wu man!]

[Is Goddess Lin joking? She confessed to a poor man? How is he worthy of Goddess Lin?]

[What the f*ck! I thought he was a tall, rich, and handsome man who lived in seclusion, but it turns out that he's a poor man!]

[Comparisons are infuriating. All the good dishes have been stolen by pigs!]

[Let's change the live-stream, brothers. Look at how he's dressed. What's so good about living in this small shack?]

[That's right, that's right. What kind of sweetness can he give the goddess? He should participate in a bitter love affair!]

[Let's go, let's go. Let's go see something else. My goddess is blind… Wuwuwu]

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