The Stepson's Revenge Book

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The Stepson's Revenge


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CURRENTLY ON HIATUS Kelvin is a 22 year old student studying pharmacy in the university. Ever since he lost his mother three years ago, he's been a little distant to his father. Upon returning back home earlier than planned due to the pandemic, he saw a video of a woman who looked exactly like his step mom being ganged raped with two other girls, he became curious as to why she really married his dad and is there any way the current deterioration of his father's health is related to her. He plans to find out the fact about this woman and the video one way or the other (that is taking it the easy way or the “hard” way) Follow Kelvin as he “Spears” his way to finding the truth. So my fellow perv.. ‘cough’ distinguished men and women? sit back and enjoy a ecch... ‘cough’ I mean classic novel about a family dispute. Who knows it might just be what the doctor ordered. P.S- The cover isn't mine.


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