The Spider Queen

In the Year 30XX...... Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way. They are not alone. The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death. Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that morph their bodies and grant them unimaginable power. Sui Meng was just an ordinary girl who woke up in the body of sixteen year old Sophie Peterlor. Sophie is the half human hybrid of a prestigious duke house but faces discrimination based on her racial heritage and apparent lack of cultivation talent. This changes when Sophie discovers a cultivation manual hidden in the necklace given by her late mother. 'Spider Whisper Art' Sometimes power comes with a price......

HopelesslyRomantic · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
790 Chs

Unmatched Strength Among Her Peers

(Alpha Star System- Planet Gaia)

(Peterlor Mansion- Medical Area)

Sophie groaned uncomfortably as she slowly opened her eyes. She was currently laying down on a plain white mattress inside a room no larger than an apartment.

Numerous metalloid devices were placed around the room and there was a tube attached to her arm that steadily fed green liquid into her veins.

There was a faint scent of disinfectant in the air and Sophie recognised this place as one of the wards inside the medical center.

"Arghh!" Sophie cried out in pain and quickly grabbed her head. 

She had woken up with massive headache that just would not go away.

It was difficult to think properly, and her body felt as though it had just been run over by a hundred trucks.

Where was she? What had happened?

The last thing she could remember… urghhh… why couldn't she remember?