111 Professor Macabre

[Ring! Ring!]

[Ring! Ring!]

[Ring! Ring!]

"Good morning maggots!" a loud roar echoed around the camp as Instructor Selvon joyfully woke up the sleeping students.

"I hope you are all well rested for the exciting day ahead!" he spoke with fake concern.

"Fucking hell," Sophie cursed in rage as she woke up bleary eyed and feeling very tired.

The midnight run challenge had finished around five in the morning and yet here was the instructor heartlessly waking them up after only a brief moment of sleep.

"Cleo, we got to wake up," Sophie shook the princess gently as Cleo had somehow managed to continue to sleep even with all the noise.

"Urghhh…" Cleo groaned as she turned her body around to adjust to a more comfortable position.

"Maggots I'm not seeing anyone outside!" came the furious voice of the devil instructor.

"Does a lucky student want a taste of my fist?!"

Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Sophie turned on water dispersal machine and then dipped her fingertips in the running liquid to wet them lightly.

She pressed the cold, wet digits against Cleo's neck.

"What was that?" Cleo opened her eyes sleepily and pouted cutely at her girlfriend.

"It's time to go outside," Sophie leaned over and brushed her lips delicately over Cleo's with an affectionate smile.

The girls were still getting used to the strict schedule of the training camp as it was only the first day.

They put on their clothes in record time before walking outside.

Instructor Selvon was once again at the center of the camp and a crowd of students had formed at his location with a few stragglers joining late.

Sophie and Cleo blended into the crowd and patiently waited for the instructor to begin talking about the training details for the day.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Sophie spotted Ethan and his Mendolesa friend Terrence, so she nodded at them and mouthed a thank you.

Sophie was not ashamed to admit that she would not have figured out the true meaning of the first test without the helpful advice given so it was a small matter to offer thanks.

Ethan raised his hand and waved back with a smile while Terrence gave her a short nod of acknowledgement.

Five minutes passed and Instructor Selvon gripped his megaphone to address the crowd with his usual enthusiasm.

"Okay maggots listen carefully because I will only be saying this once!" Instructor Selvon announced.

"We will now be separating you all into different classes under my assistants who will be grading your progress over the next two weeks."

"Only those at the top of your respective classes will be able to keep their spot or steal a spot in the elite class. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir!" came the united cry from the students.


Sophie received a notification on her black wristband that stated that she was in group seven whose classroom was apparently a lab building about two kilometers away from the camp.

"What group did you get?" Cleo asked curiously.

"Group seven. How about you?" Sophie replied warmly.

"Group one," Cleo was feeling quite unhappy. This reminded her of the same situation with the university entrance exam where the girls were separated into different testing sites.

Sophie wanted to offer her unhappy girlfriend some comforting words but Instructor Selvon interrupted their sweet moment.

"Are you maggots waiting for a fucking invitation?"

"Get to your site now!!"

The duke had packed large quantities of nutrient vials inside of a spatial storage device in Sophie's luggage bags so there was no chance of running out.

Sophie took one of the vials out of her pocket to drink as breakfast and passed three to Cleo so she would not go hungry during the day.

"See you tonight babe," Cleo flirted and squeezed Sophie's hand.

"You were the one who missed out last night," Sophie teased as she left the confused looking princess staring at her back.

Sophie had some idea of what criteria the instructors used to separate the students.

Before arriving at the training camp, students were required to fill out an outline form that noted down their area of specialization.

There were options that ranged from sword cultivators, beast masters, mech controllers, mages, poison cultivators and the general category.

Cleo had inputted the option of mech controller while Sophie had chosen poison cultivation as her specialization.

Unfortunately, her frostwing bat Moon was still too young to handle any training, so Sophie had to rule out the beast master option.

Although she planned on taking it a few classes in that field once university had officially begun.

Speaking of Moon, Sophie was beginning to miss her little furball and she could not wait to go to the main campus to pick him up.

The dusty environment of this lunar colony was truly barren as Sophie could only observe endless red sand as far as the eye could see.

The location of the laboratory was clearly marked on her holographic map and it took only ten minutes for Sophie to arrive.

A metallic alloy coated the outer surface of the building that stood out in the vast desert with its sleek design and futuristic look.

Sophie entered the two-story building and followed the direction signs that led her into a small classroom.

The classroom was in the form of a lab with several long tables and various measuring instruments, scientific devices, a fume cupboard, and vials of unknown liquids.

There were two chairs at every table, so the students were well spaced out with plenty of room to spare.

Sophie gave a friendly smile to her fellow students already seated in the classroom and quietly made her way to a seat at the front table.

After years of being forced to sit at the back of the lecture hall during her years at the Royal Academy, she was determined to become a teacher's pet!

Two kilometers was hardly a great distance for qi spirit cultivators, so the rest of the students soon trickled in and the chairs gradually filled up.

Sophie casually scanned the classroom and counted a grand total of nine other students and including herself, it was a total of ten.

The students were mostly other humans or hybrids but there was one Mendolesa boy and one Servie girl.

The Servie girl was currently playing with a couple of the measuring cylinders at her station.

[Class is now in session]

A gentle female voice softly spoke over the intercom and a mature woman strode into the room with great confidence.

"Hello, my dear students," a ferocious looking woman entered the lab while wearing a white lab coat and various mechanical devices attached to her right arm.

"My name is Professor Macabre, and I will be in charge of teaching the poison cultivators from the training camp.

"We may have the least number of students after the mages and mech controller classes but that just means that you all will have my full undivided attention and care."

Professor Macabre was a human woman with brown, wavy hair that hung over a harsh looking face. She had lidded blue eyes with dark bags under them that made her seem exhausted.

A small but vicious scar ran across from one side of her face to the next making her more resemble a mercenary rather than a scientist.

"I will begin our first lesson by helping you to create your own original poison formula!"

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