The Soul System in the Apocalypse

Henry was just a simple boy but life was never simple to him. During his early years, he had actually encountered the legendary human trafficking. As such, he was sold to a place where he was forced to workday and night. During one of the nights that he was resting after a long day of working, something astonishing happened. He was taken to a black space where time was supposedly nonexistent. After wondering aimlessly for a long time in the darkness, something finally happened. A screen suddenly appeared in front of him. The screen had a title written on it in bloody red bold, 'THE SOUL SYSTEM'. Then, a bulky amount of information was poured into his mind at that moment. The planet that he was in was going to experience an apocalypse. Magic and other things that could only be seen in fantasy were going to appear. And during that time, it would be the period of the reign of the strongest. As someone who hadn't seen the world, how was he supposed to survive in such a world where not just strength, but even knowledge mattered? Thankfully, he had managed to get THE SOUL SYSTEM that was going to guide him. If he was going to rise in power, was he going to look for the family that he had lost many years ago? Or was he simply going to focus on finding out the cause of the sudden apocalypse, as well as to find the mysteries behind THE SOUL SYSTEM?

Alan_Wafula · Fantasy
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573 Chs

Raging Fire Flood

'System, I would like to see how much I can borrow.'

[According to the host's current capabilities, it is determined that the host can be able to be loaned five rank per one mutation crystals.]

Even though the amount that he was being given was considered to be little, to the current Henry, that amount was sizeable one.

If he converted the five rank for one mutation crystals, he could get 500 unranked mutation crystals. Added to the 103 that he previously owned, he would be having 603 mutation crystals in total.

Currently, everything that was in the store was the one that he could purchase. Of course, other than the meat that had the final price range of 900 mutation crystals, everything else was affordable to him.

And since he didn't have to buy everything, Henry decided to purchase whatever was important at the moment.

'System, I would like to borrow five mutation crystals.' Henry stated in his heart.

[It is detected that the host intends to take a loan from the system. The maximum amount that the host can borrow is five rank one mutation crystals.]

[In the system's shop, The amount that you are allowed to spend has been added to five rank one mutation crystals.]

As the system prompt disappeared, Henry was left speechless. He had expected that he would be given the five mutation crystals. But in the end, the system had actually allowed him to buy things from the system worth rank one mutation crystals.

Shaking his head, Henry decided not to think much about it. So, he decided to go ahead and spend the money that he had. Since the area they currently were, was surrounded by several wolves, then he had to find a way to eliminate them.

So, he had to find a weapon that was going to deal with the wolves deftly, without making a lot of noise. So, even though he was completely tempted by the guns and bullets, he knew that they were going to make a lot of noise that was going to attract other wolves from the other sides of the facility.

'System, how do I access the system shop?' Henry asked.

[The host can simply access the system shop with a single thought. Everything about the system can be controlled with a single thought.]

Henry thought that this was indeed convenient. So without wasting time, he thought of the system store and a screen appeared in front of him.

There were several categories that had been listed down. From weapons, to consumables, accessories, house appliances, information and so more.

Although he was tempted about the other categories, he knew well that they didn't have much time. The faster they completed things, the better it was for them.

In the weapons section, Henry didn't even look at the guns. Instead, he looked at the other melee weapons. As he scrolled down, he saw different types of weapons.

There were axes, daggers, spear's, long swords, sabers and so on. Henry wasn't worried about not being able to utilize a weapon at all. After all, one of the systems abilities was to grant him the knowledge on how to utilize any tool at the basic level.

And even though it was considered a basic level skill, it was just enough for him to deal with the current situation that they were in.

Ever since he was young, he had always thought about using a sword. So for that reason, he didn't waste time looking for the other types of weapons. Instead, he entered the category that contained swords.

He could see several images of different swords. Each and every type of those swords were long in size. They had different designs, different lengths and width.

After scrolling through the swords as he read the information about them, Henry's eyes finally landed on a single sword. It was a sword that had a black hilt. In fact, it looked somehow blunt.

But what really attracted his attention at the moment was definitely the price tagged. The price range of the long swords was tagged to be between 200 and 300 mutation crystals.

And this sword, it was actually priced at 300 mutation crystals. Unlike the other flashy looking swords, this sword actually didn't have any characteristic that could attract someone, to make them like it.

Even though it was true, Henry was not simply attracted by the appearance of the sword. He was attracted by the description of the sword.

[Raging fire flood.

Intro: A sword that is believed to belong to the ancient fire emperor, Raging Fire Flood. It is said that this sword accompanied him from the time that he was a weakling, to the time that he became a supreme being. During the final fight of the Raging Fire Flood emperor, the sword was sealed, and all the power that it contained locked away. It requires a lot of energy to be able to unseal it back to its prime state.

Status: Sealed


1. It grants the user the ability to utilize fire. Using the energy that is present in the user's body, the user can manage to lid someone fire that will envelope the sword, increasing the damage that is dealt by the sword by 50%.

2. The second ability is sealed.]

That's right. The information that had attracted Henry's attention was definitely about the Raging Fire Flood Emperor. Even though the capabilities of the sword at the moment could be said to be mediocre amongst all the other swords that are priced the same, Henry looked at the potential.

Who said that he was going to maintain being a mutation warrior of the same power level? In the future, as long as he got stronger, then he would require a weapon that was much stronger as well.

Even though it was true that the weapon required a lot of energy to be unsealed, Henry believed in himself. With the abilities that have been granted to him by the system, he was sure that he would be able to gather the energy that is required to unseal the seals that had been placed on death sword.

Without hesitation, Henry decided to purchase the sword. After confirming the purchase, the sword disappeared from the system store.

[Congratulations, you have purchased the Raging Fire Flood Sword. It has been placed in the system's inventory and can be retrieved at any moment by the host.]

Henry was stunned for a moment. He had never expected that the system actually possessed an inventory. Since that was the case, then why was it that the system never informed him about that?

[The system inventory is only used to store items that have been purchased from the system store. No items from outside can be placed inside. In case the host wants an inventory, then he can spend mutation crystals to purchase the inventory from the system store.]

A system's prompt appeared in front of him with a reply to the question that he had in mind. After seeing it, Henry could only shake his head. It seemed that the system that he had gotten really liked money.

Henry looked at the balance that was shown at the top of the screen, and found that, out of 5 mutation crystals that he had initially, they had been reduced to two.

Shaking his head, Henry continued the browsing inside the system store. Since there were two of them, he definitely had to purchase something for Adam to use.

After browsing through the system for a moment, he came to know that he really didn't know what type of weapon Adam could use comfortably. So, he turned his gaze to face Adam who was looking at him with unblinking eyes.

"What is it?" Henry asked.

"Ah, I was looking at you, wondering what it is that you are looking at. You have been staring at the air in front of you for some minutes now. But no matter how much I look at it, there's nothing that I can see." Adam replied as he scratched the back of his head.

Henry shook his head when he heard that. There was no helping it. He could only communicate with the system that way as that was how it was. After all, the screen always appeared in front of him.

"What type of weapon would you like to use?" Henry questioned.

"Ah?" Adam was never expecting such a question. After thinking for a while, he decided to reply to the question anyway. Henry had been acting strange all this long, and he has always been right.

"I guess I can use a machine gun. That way, the probability of me missing to shoot a target would be reduced to the maximum possible." Adam replied.

Henry really wanted to slap this guy. He was serious but the other party was actually joking at such a time?

"I am asking about a melee weapon, not a hot weapon." Henry corrected.

"Oh, since that is the case, then I can use an axe. These muscles of mine really want something that is heavy. And I like swinging a lot." Adam replied.

Henry didn't say anything and went back to perusing the system store. And after a while, he found an axe that was a good quality at its price range. It cost him 200 mutation crystals.

After he had completed the purchase, Henry finally decided to withdraw them from the system's inventory. With a single thought, another screen popped in front of him. On it, there were two images.

The first Image contained a blunt-looking sword, while the other contained a majestic-looking axe.

'Withdraw the two of them from the system's inventory.' Henry thought in his mind. A moment later, the two things vanished from the screen in front of him.

At the same time, Henry could feel that his two previously empty hands had suddenly held something.