The Soul Collector Pairs

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What is The Soul Collector Pairs

Read The Soul Collector Pairs novel written by the author TheFilthyRhymer on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, r18, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a post-apocalyptic Earth. A scientist couple, Mordred and his wife Melantha have been experimenting with souls since the day of its discovery. Before Earth's total demise, with all the knowledge their current world has to offer, they escaped their calamitous place through a soul reincarnation. Cast to the unfamiliar new world, the couple has to find means to survive while possessing the hearts of the savage. From the primitive to the metal-wielding Goblins; magic and spells to fasten their civilization's development; and them collecting souls to surpass their body's limits. How long will it take them to establish their own green-skinned nation from scratch? ------ Author's Note: 1. This is my leisure book where I practice, so there won't be rhymes here. 2. The current update speed is 5 chapters per week. 3. I do not own the book's art cover, it was Googled. All credit goes to the original owner who can contact me in case they would like it to be removed. 4. The main characters were not kind in most circumstances.

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I love reincarnation stories but this is my first time reading a reincarnation into a different species story, a non human one, that is a first for me. I absolutely love the writing style, it's kinda poetic. It's very interesting to read about these two human scientist who have reincarnated into this non-human species and are learning new ways of their new life and strengthening themselves. The story is a very interesting mixture of science fiction and fantasy elements.


It's an interesting take on isekai because they became a goblin which is rare. The story is engaging and will love to read more chapters. All the best


To be honest, reincarnation types of novels are one of my favorite genres and the author did it justice. The idea behind the novel is very niche and new, incredible! Good Job Author!


I love me a good reincarnation story and I admit the title of the first chapter had me laughing even before I started reading...greens, greens, greens. You are doing a wonderful job author, keep it up.


Mordred and Melantha's post-apocalyptic research team in "The Soul Collector Pairs" is captivating. The authors' interesting study of the human spirit and their characters' heroic efforts to save Earth make for an engaging read. An fascinating story about soul reincarnation and its protagonists' challenges, "The Soul Collector Pairs" blends science fiction and fantasy.


"The Soul Collector Pairs" offers a compelling post-apocalyptic narrative centered around the scientific couple, Mordred and Melantha. Their experimentation with souls and escape from Earth's downfall set the stage for an intriguing and unique story. The transition to an unfamiliar new world and their quest for survival in the midst of savage beings, from primitive creatures to metal-wielding Goblins, promises an exciting and diverse setting. The mention of magic, spells, and civilization development adds depth to the world-building. The concept of collecting souls to surpass their body's limits hints at themes of power and ambition, which can lead to complex character development. The premise creates a sense of mystery and adventure as readers wonder how Mordred and Melantha will adapt and navigate this new world. Overall, "The Soul Collector Pairs" presents an engaging blend of science fiction and fantasy elements, promising a unique and thought-provoking journey as the couple faces challenges and explores the possibilities of soul reincarnation.


Truly an engaging story about a pair of scientists couples collecting souls in another world. Lol, i enjoyed the premise and execution of the story. Looking forward to how it progresses


5-star review from yours truly the author Devious Biscuit. Finally, we've reached above 15k words. A small achievement yet something to be happy about for a small author like me. I'll put the other story on pause and focus on this older novel of mine, SCP. Do expect a little kingdom-building from scratch and if anyone asked, there won't be a harem in this book.


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