The Sorceress: Blossoming Power

In the realm of Chiji, a mythical world where hidden powers lie. Chaos rules because a few became drunk with power and abused it. And inflicted a terrible balance upon the plains and brought chaos to Chiji. From this, opposition rises and plots. And so, the people forget the good deeds of a few power wielders. Somehow, in a magic-imbued past, where the longing whispers of Xinyi to Ming resonate, the whims of fate which will bring change can be heard. What did the whispers say? Governor Ming hates this arranged marriage to Xinyi and doesn't want to do anything with her. Will love bloom in time for the loveless couple as they work together? Only with curiosity may one find the answers... However, out from these devastating times, a Sorceress will bloom and slowly bring balance to this world. (Note: This is mainly a fantasy genre and not romance, although it started with the love story between the female and male leads. So, please don't focus on romance here. This is the journey of a woman who became the Sorceress.) ---- o ---- They were married through the imperial edict, and she expected much from it. However, on their wedding night… "In fairness, I'll be honest with you. I don't like you. I prefer to marry someone I choose. From this day forth, you're to live in Anjing Pavilion" said Lei Ming with no reservations. She was aggrieved to be disregarded and unfairly discarded. "Wait!" shouted Xinyi. Pestered, Lei Ming halted but didn't look back. "What now?" "I'm grateful for sending me there, Lord husband, but please don't miss sending my allowance and I promise I will not show up and bother you," said Xinyi and bowed piously. "The heck, this woman is totally shameless." Xinyi watched Lei Ming's back as he walked away. As he was out of earshot, she gave a careless smile and rested her palms on her waist. "This is totally unexpected. What a farce of a marriage. So what? I don't care too..." she said as she suddenly jumped and swirled around in glee. But… an unexpected encounter under the moonlight changed everything. Most of all, when he discovered he was meant to protect his wife. ----- o ----- TAKE NOTE: 1.) There is no sex but have some violence during wars and fights. Do know that romance is not the primary focus. Prepare for an adventurous ride in the story. 2.) The story is not totally under the Chinese background. This is a different world, and every nation had their own backgrounds. So, I don't follow the Chinese way of naming and calling of characters. Like using their full names when I mention them, even with the greetings. 2.) Please buy this author a coffee to keep me alert when writing and to help pay for the daughter's college fees: [ko-fi.com/elijoneb] 3.) Please support my latest book: Blue Hells. It's a sci-fi and game combo. If you love action and adventure, this is for you. ⁸ Note: *I want to thank Forsaken123, another author here, for his help and insights in the earlier chapters of this book. *My daughter, Asha, made the cover.

JoanB · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
225 Chs

Finale and Epilogue

In Fengfu City, the weather and the skies went back to normal. A rain shower washed the lands that were in chaos. The sun took over the darkness. Relief filled the plants and the animals as the horn left the heavens. 

When the horn vanished, the Undead bodies limped and fell to the ground. Those who jumped out from their graves after being dead for years turned instantly to dust and blown away by the winds. One could breathe a refreshing air once again.

The people's hearts eased and thankful that everything went back to normal, although there were still the dead they had to bury, for good. Sadness was also in the countenance of those who lost their loved ones.

The Platanna people placed their dead comrades in the boat and covered them with the orange stones to bring them to their homeworld, to be buried by their waiting loved ones.