The Slime Farmer

Desislaf Rimet finds that his father plotted to make him fail the Sacred Trials. He decides: if this world will not accept him, then he will leave the world! In another world full of wonders, moving forward determinedly, he becomes a farmer of slimes. *** Desislaf Rimet is the eleventh son of the Lord of Rimet, the sixteenth child. He has failed the Trials that would make his family proud and cement his station as a noble worthy of his family's name. He discovers that his father plotted to deliberately make him fail and it is the end of all he knows. He cannot be happy in his father's court, and leaves. After all, there's a World Gate conveniently in his father's territory, isn't there? He will leave to see the wonders that await him in another world! Only...the world beyond is more complicated than he imagined. Also, what is this slime? An animal, a vegetable, or some mystery being? *****

Jin_Daoran · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
132 Chs

Welcome to Bluzand

Ecthys was a city cloaked in rose and red.

The first thing that Defi took in was the red of the roofing tiles and the pale reddish tint of the thick city walls.

It was built on a little spit of land that jutted out into the river, and there were harbors on three sides of the city. The north of the city were low hills and flat plains that were arranged in cultivated parcels.

The intimidating walls, built for protection against pirates and raiders, encircled the city. In the bright light of the noonday sun, the stone of the walls glowed a pale rosy color that stood out against the green of the river and the gold of ripening fields of grain.

"The stone is ordinary," commented Marmocha, "it's the mortar that they spread over the surface to strengthen the walls that gives the color. I hear they make it out of shells of red clams."