The Siren's Vengeance Book

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The Siren's Vengeance


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"None of my pawns signified love but then he came along, disintegrating the whole chessboard to dust." ... Einstein said, 'The weak revenge. The strong forgive. The intelligent ignore.' To hell with that. I believe in 'Revenge is a dish best served cold.' For all that pain, the gore, and those blood-curdling screams that haunted me for the past 16 years, I am here. Right inside the den of those wolves who ripped my happy world to shreds. Inch by inch, drop by drop, they will pay their sins. But my vengeance did not include him. Archer Cardale. An enigma. There is something about him that can catch my attention in a room full of people, that made me choose him as my husband, as a pawn in my revenge. And there has to be something about him that makes me fall for him...hopelessly. I had nothing to lose... until him. He has no idea about what I am, about what I went through but he holds me close when I have nightmares. He kisses the coldness in my heart. But once he discovers that the girl in his bed and in his heart is the very same monster who is responsible for the brutal, cold-blooded murders happening around him, will he still hold me close? Or will he save those monsters who turned me into one? In the end, will he choose them? Or will we watch their downfall together? ... After their first time— She whispered, ''That was...'' ''Hmm?'' he played with her hair. "...something,'' she finished. ''Your vocabulary sucks,'' Archer chuckled. "You have something better to describe what happened between us?" "C'était un rêve devenu réalité pour moi,'' he smiled, looking at her stunned face. (Translation: It was a dream come true for me) ... [No rape or major misunderstandings. There will be explicit steamy scenes, a bit of angst, and it's a slow-burn romance. No direct jumping and doing stuff ahem!] ~ [Follow me on Instagram: @auroraboooks for all exclusive content, spoilers, and other fun stuff that I can't post here on WN]