The Siren's Vengeance Book

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The Siren's Vengeance


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They destroyed my family. I'll eradicate their entire lineage!' While the Sirens are walking down the path of redemption by shedding off their cruel and manipulative ways, a young siren witnesses her parents being slaughtered by humans. She is determined to find each murderer and wreak vengeance on them.  … Breaking News! One of the hottest bachelors, the genius business tycoon Archer Cardale is getting married to his childhood sweetheart. The venue of the event is a seaside resort that looks nothing less than an ancient castle.  The catch?  The bride has been replaced!  ... The first step to her revenge was entering the family where the clues led her to. The second step is to find those murderers and show them hell. But this man... her stunning husband... Why was he sneaking between her plans? He has the reputation of being a saint but Archer Cardale ain't no saint!  Not in the way he wandered around the house, BLOODY SHIRTLESS! Not in the way he whispered sweet nothings to her with a straight face, not in the way his accidental touches set her body on fire, and definitely not in the way she found her cold heart melting in his presence.  Falling for him is off-limits. But every time any harm befalls him, she finds herself going feral!  'He is mine! Mine to destroy and mine to… LOVE!' Could she resist his temptation or will it consume her? Excerpt: ''Is it just because I have no experience? Do you want me to gain experience? Will I get what I want from you then?" she yelled. ''Huh?" Archer turned around, looking all curious, ''Oh... You are talking about doing research and all. That doesn't count." A few days later, she asked him to take care of her cat and he watched her leaving the house, all dolled up, "Experience," was all she said before leaving the mansion. As soon as the meaning behind her words dawned on him, he followed her, only to find her with a man in a nightclub. They looked all intimate and he marched past the crowd and pushed the man who was leaning closer to her, "Did you forget whose wife you are?" he grabbed her wrist and yanked it as their bodies collided. She blinked, "You said you didn't do virgins. So, I am right here to lose it and to gain experience. What's the issue now?" she asked, her voice half-innocent and half-provocative. His jaws ticked and he leaned closer to her, letting his mouth brush past her ear, "If it is the experience that you really want..." his tongue darted out to lick her earlobe, "..Then I'll give it to you. A lots of it," he bit the spot he just licked and she almost moaned. "You said—" "What I said doesn't count. You are mine, sweetheart, and I thought you should know that!" ~ [Follow me on Instagram: @auroraboooks for all exclusive content, spoilers, and other fun stuff that I can't post here on WN]