The Sinful Life of The Emperor

In the age of mutants and technology, everyone is after power and eternal life, but Kiba lives for his dreams of lust and vanity. A man on a mission to live the life to the fullest. The tale of the legendary Wife Hunter whose very name terrifies husbands around the globe. This is the story of the devil who does as his heart pleases, unafraid of the labels of good and evil. ----- Fan synopsis: Entangled in the schemes of two-faced government, a futuristic divided world, and a holy mission of his own, follow Kiba's journey of sins! (Note: The starting 20 chapters are very short and slow paced. The main story starts from the 30s so please give it a try till then ^_^ You can rest assured the novel has a good plot besides the R-18 elements ^.^) I do not own the cover. Support: http://bit.ly/trueseeker Discord: https://discord.gg/TGmqHw3 Glossary/Wiki: http://trueseekernovels.com/

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Pleasure The Man They Love (Final Part) R-18

"Then, you will love what we are going to do!"

Agatha took charge, and Kiba allowed her. He got on his feet and stood on the floor, just near the edge of the bed. 

Agatha lay down on the bed, bringing her face just below his hovering cock and balls. Ashlyn followed, but instead of lying on the side, she laid over Agatha, their breasts mashing in. 

Just this sight of two beautiful women lying over each other was too much. 

Even Kiba's heart skipped a few beats, that too, despite having participated in multiple orgies. Because every threesome or orgy he was involved in consisted of women he had no feelings for. 

Until now…

Ashlyn swept her tongue out and moved it down the length of his cock. Simunatelously, Agatha's tongue licked from the base of his balls to the start of his shaft. 

They were in perfect sync, their nimble tongues caressing every corner of his cock and balls. It sent one orgasmic jolt after another into him.