1 Living For The Dream

In the year 1900, the era of mutants and wonders started with the arrival of strange meteorites from outer space. A few decades later, the World Government was established, making Earth into a world without any boundaries at least on the surface. The rise of mutants also brought new technological advancements and an improvement in the standard of living.

Alas, not everyone benefited from this new era...


Present. The year 2024. Delta City.

In the downtown, four mutants clad in white were defending themselves against the attack of a man in black.

The man was 6 ft tall, with golden hairs that reached his shoulders. The irises of his eyes were a strange combination of blue and gold.

"Kiba! Back off!" Warned the four mutants as they retreated.

Even as they warned, from behind them, a ten feet tall hound emerged.


The hound let out a thundering roar and pounced on the man named Kiba, its body leaving behind a series of afterimages. Its sharp claw slashed at the torso while its mouth clamped down on the throat.

The hound drooled at the thought of powerful human flesh it would taste, but the next moment, instead of satisfaction, its mind flashed with shock.

"Sorry but I have no interest in being used as food," said Kiba as he grabbed the hound by the throat.

The hound struggled to set free and attack, but no matter how it tried, its body wouldn't move.

"And neither do I have any interest in acquiring a pet."


Before the words could enter the hound's ears, Kiba ripped its head away!

Warm blood splashed in the air and the headless corpse fell down.

At the same time, hundreds of meters above him, another mutant clad in white appeared. 

"Die!" shouted the mutant. A chaotic orange pool materialized below him, surging with strong destructive force.

Kiba didn't even lift his head as the pool came crashing down on him. He only raised a finger and moved it sidewards.

To his side, a mutant with metallic spike-like fingers was invisible, his fingers aimed at Kiba. He was in the middle of shooting out the spikes when his heart sank.

"No way!" 

The pool suddenly changed its direction and swept at him. He might have been invisible but when the pool crashed, he turned visible, his body breaking down to pieces.

"Why did you murder your companion?" asked Kiba.

"Impossible!" The mutant high in the air was stunned. He was relying on coordinated attacks to kill Kiba. So he never expected his attack to kill his companion. As he tried to make sense of what happened, an overbearing gravitational force wrapped him, pulling him down.


He let out a heart-wrenching scream as he violently smashed into the ground; in the middle of shells of rockets, corpses, and broken battle tanks. He struggled to lift his head and rise, but just then, a foot stepped down on him.


The crisp sound of bones fracturing erupted as every bone inside him broke down.


The remaining four mutants swallowed forcefully. They have heard stories about Kiba and his sadistic ways, but witnessing them in person was an experience they didn't wish to have. 

"We need to flee!"

They had barely made a decision when Kiba once again focused on them. He was tired of wasting time so he decided to end it.

Clenching his hand into a fist, he punched in the air. A shockwave visible to the naked eye rippled out and moved forward, smashing into the four mutants just as they created energy shields.


The shields crumbled to pieces, and with pitiful cries, they were sent flying back, crashing into debris far away.

"Kiba! Why the hell are you making things difficult for us?" said one of the four mutants, trying to reason now that everything else failed.

"We already gave you the mineral! Just let us go!"

"I feel like killing you all," replied Kiba in a cold voice, "Do I need a reason for that?"

"Y-you! How dare you!" The four men were incensed, "Sky Fiend Group will hunt you down!"

"Can't you guys come up with any better lines?" Kiba was rather annoyed, as he continued, "Every idiot I kill spouts the same bullshit before they die."

He waved his hand in a grasping motion.


Out of nowhere, a black cyclone emerged above the four men.

"Wh-what is that?"

"He is not supposed to have this ability!"

"He was hiding his powers till now?"

The four men were shocked out of their wits by the sucking force of the cyclone. All the debris and corpses nearby were sucked into the cyclone.

"NO!" The four men did their best to resist the sucking force but it proved futile. In a span of seconds, they were absorbed by the cyclone, their bodies erased from very existence.

"Haah~" Kiba let out a deep sigh as the cyclone disappeared.

They had given him the suitcase with the minerals, but he couldn't let them live. Otherwise, there would be more trouble.

He didn't really fear Sky Fiend Group for he was more powerful than everyone assumed.

In Delta City, he was considered one of the strongest mutants. And that was based only on the power he displayed in public.

No one had seen the true extent of his abilities. Those who had were long dead.

Kiba would rather spend his time with women instead of wasting time on battling idiotic nobodies. This was why he decided to get rid of future trouble by killing the four men.

Rays of blinding light enveloped him, and he disappeared.


White Angel Corporation was located in the inner circle of the Delta City, occupying a building of one hundred floors. It was heavily guarded by surveillance droids and an electromagnetic field.

There was a luxury apartment on the seventy-fourth floor, where a woman in her late twenties was lying down on a sofa with a tablet in her hands. She was wearing a red ruffled yoke T-shirt.

Suddenly, a column of white light emerged behind the sofa, transforming into a man.

"Kiba, you are here again," The woman was rather used to the sudden teleportation of Kiba.

"I wanted to spend some time with you before my official arrival," replied Kiba.

"My father would die of heart attack if he realized the electromagnetic fields surrounding the building are useless in stopping trespassers," said the woman after placing the tablet on a table nearby.

"Eva, I'm sure you would love nothing more than giving your old man a heart attack!" remarked Kiba with a smile.

"You are wrong," Eva has a shy expression on her face as she continued, "There is one thing I'd love more than seeing my father dead. It is feasting my eyes on you."

"You should only try fooling your old man and your fiancé with your acting skills," said Kiba, as he placed the silver suitcase on a nearby table, "I am here to check on your other skills."

"Aha~ Celebrating in advance?" Eva asked.

Kiba stopped in front of Eva and surrounded her with his arms. He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her.

She knotted her fists in his black shirt and pulled him harder against her as they kissed. 


As seconds passed, the kiss turned passionate, and he nibbled her upper lip, softly. He then gave it a long, gentle lick before moving on her lower lip, repeating his actions.

Her red lips parted as he pressed them with his tongue, and slipped it into her little mouth. His tongue explored her warm mouth, and a tremor ran through her as it ravaged her tongue.

Her tongue retaliated, wrapping itself around his.

Their kissing briefly interrupted as they removed each other's clothes. He pulled her t-shirt up over her head. With expert precision, he then unhooked her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders.

The bra dropped off her breasts and fell on the floor along with his pants and shirt. Eva kicked their clothes away and eyed his body.

He has a physique of god with strong arms and well-defined chest muscles that extended to the start of his chiseled abs.

Similarly, Kiba examined her body with bright eyes. She has perfectly shaped breasts, a slender waist, and a tight, little ass.

"You are gorgeous!" praised Kiba as he cupped her breasts. He gave them a light squeeze and enjoyed their wonderful firmness.

His fingertips gently explored every corner of her breasts, and soon, they arrived on the pink circles surrounding her nipples.

His thumbs gently traced the areola, feeling every bump. He then moved on her nipples, pinching them.

"Haa!" Eva felt current running through her body. She yelped in delight and pulled his face on her breasts.

She rubbed them against his cheeks. His breathing turned heavy by the heavenly sensation his face was enjoying.

"If there is heaven, it is here!"

Kiba said as he started kissing her breasts. Her soft skin tantalized under his warm lips and she let out a moan.

She ran her hands in his hair as she felt him wrapping his lips around her left nipple. He suckled on it, as if his life depended on it.

His mouth wandered to her other nipple and he flicked his tongue out. A chill passed through her spine as he rolled his tongue around her nipple.

"You know your way around them!"

She remarked as he licked and sucked her nipple. His hands slipped down from her breasts to cup her ass.

Alongside, his head moved downwards. He planted kisses throughout her soft skin till his eyes arrived on her most sacred region:

Pink flesh, hidden between fleshly foldings... glistening with warm moisture!

He slowly licked along the fleshly foldings and pressed his tongue against her clit. He repeated this movement twice before probing her wet, fattened folds.

She squirmed and pushed her hips forward to plant her pussy on his face entirely. He then began licking her in earnest and shoved his tongue between her glistening foldings.

Her pink flesh quivered from pleasure.


Eva gasped as he licked her juices from her sopping pussy. Just as she grew used to this sensation, he moved on her clit and sucked it between his lips.

Her breathing paused and she arched her back. Waves of pleasure swelled all over her body, and she felt firecrackers exploding deep inside her, making her tremble.

Kiba jumped on his feet and took her in his arms.

"That was great!" She said before closing her lips with his. She tasted her own juices, and the lust inside her burned stronger.

She pushed her tongue into his mouth and rolled it with his. 

At the same time, Kiba enveloped them with rays of dazzling light and teleported into the bedroom. They jumped on the bed while continuing to make out.

Her breasts squeezed against his chest as he lied down on the bed.

"Let me return the favor!"

Eva broke the kiss and slid down. She smiled as she saw his thick, long cock. She licked her lips wantonly before wrapping her fingers at the base of his cock.

Slowly, she stroked him, up and down.

"You like that?" She asked with a grin.

"Yes," He replied. "But there is something I would like more."

"I think I know what exactly!"

Her lips brushed the tip of his cock for a wet kiss before she opened them, and took him into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as more of his shaft slipped into her, and as she reached her limit, she closed her lips.

With her hands on either side of his hips, she began bobbing her mouth up and down his cock. A trail of saliva dripped down as she continued, blowing him.

A few minutes later, she slid his cock out and gazed into his eyes.

"Time for the main course!" Kiba pulled her on top of him.

She raised her ass and began to sit down on his cock. Her hand guided it to her wet, slippery entrance, and she moaned as it parted her foldings and slipped into her pussy. Inch by inch, he sank into her depths.

"Ohh! Yesss!"

Eva moved up and down his cock, at a slow and gentle pace. She wanted to enjoy every moment, and he allowed her to have control at the start.

The sound of cries, moans, and flesh hitting flesh filled the room along with the smell of sex...

Kiba's eyes were on her breasts as they moved in a rhythm matching the strokes. She drenched his cock with more of her arousal juices, and slowly, her pussy began to tremble.

Kiba grabbed her waist and rolled her down. With him on the top and her down, he stretched her knees apart in a V shape, giving him full access to her pussy.

His hips pressed forward with powerful force and he hammered into her. His strokes were long and fast, reaching her ends, one after another.

"Oooo! God!!"

Eva moaned as the crest of climax began to erupt over her. Her vision darkened and her pussy tightened around his cock. Her eyes glazed and breathing turned uneven as the waves of orgasmic delight finally hit her. 

Kiba spasmed as he reached close to his climax. He cupped her breasts and began shooting out thick ropes of cum inside her. 

"That was great!"

Eva pulled him close as they savored their climax...


A few minutes later, Eva left the bed to bring two cups of wine. She offered one to Kiba.

"I won't be able to enjoy sex with anyone else including my fiance. You've set the bar too high," In a complaining tone, she continued, "I am afraid my love life will get boring after marriage."

"I would be happy to offer my service after your marriage. I can even help you with pregnancy for free," promised Kiba with a smile.

"Yeah. I am sure you would love to father my children while my future idiotic husband becomes a cuckold," said Eva, and looked at him with a playful smile, "Isn't your dream to steal beautiful wives and have affairs with them while their husbands die of shame and envy?"

She knew Kiba had strange dreams. People live for family, power, and wealth, but he lived to indulge in sensual pleasures.

He once told her that he wanted to make love with every beautiful woman out there. Not only that, but he wanted to steal women from their homes in the daylight to have affairs with them in front of their husbands!

He wanted to indulge in the vanity which only the rich could afford! He wished to live a life on his own terms no matter how others perceived it!

Others cared about eternal life and power but he didn't! Instead, he hated how people wasted their present in the pursuit of an illusory future. Things like eternal life were only pipe dreams for him so he never considered them worth pursuing.

"What is the use of pursuing power and immortality if you can't enjoy the life you have?"

This was his response when she asked him to pursue greater things instead of going after mortal pleasures.

A person might spend all his life seeking immortality, only to die without achieving it. The entire journey would prove futile, and looking back, they would only regret wasting their lives trying to achieve something no one had chances of gaining.

For Kiba, living in the present was more important. He wished to enjoy his life to the fullest without any restraints. At least, that's what his purpose was as of now. Who knows, maybe in the future, he too might pursue what he considered pipe dreams.

Sometimes, Eva found it absurd that one of the strongest mutants in the city would have such low aspirations. But then she thought that perhaps her aspirations of taking control over this city were foolish from his perspective.

"We all live for our dreams no matter what they are," Eva mused as she took a sip of wine.

She placed the glass back on the table and started kissing Kiba. Round two started as they lost themselves in the carnal pleasure.

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