753 C*ockBlock!

Morgan could only stare from the doorway as Ravina stripteased for Kiba. Every movement of her saree was breathtaking as she exposed more and more skin.

"Forgive me, Suzane!"

Morgan muttered a heartfelt apology to his wife. While he knew he wasn't breaking his wedding vows, he still felt guilty.

After all, just because his wife has lost interest in sex, it didn't mean he should act like a pervert and stare at another woman.

That too, someone who was going to become his in-law!

"Olly, my son… I hope you can forgive your old man for not stopping your future mother-in-law from committing adultery…. Oh, God!!"

Morgan's guilt was instantly replaced with lust. Ravina had dropped her saree on the floor, and she stood before Kiba in her green blouse and thong.

Her cleavage spilled out of her blouse, and Morgan gasped as he saw her reach for it. She moved her hands all over her blouse, caressing and squeezing her breasts.


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