3 Chapter 2

As we talked for hours I asked the Shrewd One if she could do anything about the Infinity Prison. I couldn't even sink my fangs into it.

I guess I'll have to let Rimuru eat him if he want to see the sun again. I didn't see the sun either since I've been born in this world.

As the conversation progressed, Veldora couldn't help but notice that I seemed different from the other monsters he had met before. There was something about me that was unfamiliar, as if I didn't belong in this world.

"Wait a minute," Veldora interrupted, "you're not from this world, are you?"

I hesitated for a moment before answered truthfully, "No, I'm actually from another world."

"I knew it!" Veldora exclaimed. "I can sense when someone is not from this world. So, what brings you here?"

I explained him that I wasn't sure how I got here, we came to undestand that I was a rare case of otherworlder being that he never saw before. He will go crazy when he will meet a second guy coming soon after me.

"I see," Veldora said, nodding his head in understanding. "Well, in that case, I have something for you and you will give me something in return."

It was clear what was coming, , I could feel my excitement growing. But I have nothing to give him ?

"Anything for a friend." I replied, looking at Veldora in anticipation.

"Fuahahaha a friend ? hahaha ... sure I can be your friend." Veldora replied, blushing slightly. "I think it would be easier for you to navigate this world if you have a name. So, I will give you a name and you will choose our last name."

That caught me off guard, the second part I mean. I see more pros than cons having Veldora as a big bro. Plus I won't be considered his subordinate it's a win.

After what felt like an eternity, Veldora finally made a decision about what name to give me.

"From this day forward, your name shall be Mamoru!" As the words left Veldora's mouth, Mamoru's body began to be engulfed in a luminous cocoon, gradually rising into the air. In the process his magicules got an immense power boost.

After the cocoon dissipated, his form began to reveal itself, complete with wings resembling those of a bat sprouting from his back.

Noticing his bat-like wings he exclaimed "I'm Batman hahaha" but stopped real quick, a batman who laugh, scary.

Acting like he didn't say anything, Mamoru slightly bowed his head respectufully and said "Thank you my friend, I guess it's time to decide our family name!".

Right now he looked like he was thinking hard about what name choosing but he was too familiar with the Tempest name, he felt a bit wierd considering he will also share the same last name as Veldora maybe even the same as Rimuru, who knows.

Tempest it is then.

"What do you think about Tempest ? Veldora Tempest the storm dragon!"

"What a wonderful name! I'll be known as Veldora Tempest, and you as Mamoru Tempest as a sign of our friendship."

Several minutes passed as the lizard and bat chatted about everything and nothing, but now it's time to get moving.

"It is time for me to go see the outside Veldora." the bat said.

"I know you can't stay here," sighed the big lizard reluctantly. "Don't forget to come talk to me again, little bat."

Mamoru started walking away, waved, and said, "Don't worry, big lizard. I'll come back and get you out of here."


On the way towards the exit, my senses picked up on a monster with an unusually high level of magicules. It was coming from the north, about 4 kilometers away, so he was still inside the cave and heading towards Veldora.

The cave was massive and designed like a labyrinth, which is why I was still inside.

"Finally, water! I can see how I look!" I exclaimed, running toward the small lake. As I approached, I almost fell as I glided on the ground and bent down to look at my reflection.

'Not bad' I thought as I examined my facial features, quite handsome even for an evolved named monster. I had short hair as dark as the night sky, golden eyes, pure white skin, and two small fangs peeking out from my mouth.

"Shrewd One, could you explain what differences I experienced after receiving a name?" I asked.

{Answer. Mamoru-sama magicules level and capacity has increased significently."

"Is it enough to name a bunch of goblins and a pack of wolfs ?"

{Answer. Not enough magicules are available to name every monster at once." sigh that's a shame.

{Solution ...

"I could name every goblin then drink some of their blood to get back the magicules I spent naming them, that way I can easily name the goblins and the direwolf." I said, faster than Shrewd-san.

{ ... Affirmative. With the help of [The Shrewd One] we can give out the exact amount of magicules necessary for the evolution to happen making naming monster even easier.}

Nice, you're so helpful.


Isn't this place supposed to be a scary cave with scary monsters in it ? Yet there were still no monster in sight. He had thought five minutes ago, but now he was in his bat form.

Flying between the legs of a huge spider dodging the silk shot from their back, he was now 3 meters above the spider who was on the floor.

Reverting back to his original form, he dove towards the spider. Feet first, the impact crushed the spider along with the floor creating a crater. The head of the freshly smashed spider rolled away.

'hm that was a bit overkill' He thought as he grabbed one of the remaining legs.

After a bit of hesitation he plunged his teeth into it. Draining the blood andthe small amount of magicules left.

« Acquired [Sticky Silk] and [Steel Silk]. » annonced VoW.

'Nasty taste but some usefull skills', he said shooting his first silk and swinging with it before shooting another, swinging from silk to silk. At his rate he will be at the exit in no time.

He encountered two types of monsters on his way. For one type, he observed them for a bit, wondering if eating them would be considered cannibalism since they were fellow bats. While The Shrewd One told him that they were two totally different species, he decided that it went against his ethics.

The other monster, a storm snake, was killed by choking it directly using [steel silk]. He didn't forget to replenish his life force and copied its skill [Poisonous Breath].

Shrewd One notified, {Resistance. Poison resistance acquired.} as he found out that the blood of the storm snake was also poisonous.


Right now, he found the exit.

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