The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

Author: Autumn comes after night rain
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 1.4M Views
  • 815 Chs
  • 3.6
    13 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

Read ‘The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings’ Online for Free, written by the author Autumn comes after night rain, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A youth who obtained a life simulator, with the help of the simulator, began his journey as a mundane martial artist and...


A youth who obtained a life simulator, with the help of the simulator, began his journey as a mundane martial artist and reached the pinnacle, explored immortality, pursued godliness, opening up a path for all beings, and finally became a founder of the Great Tao.【Fifty in the Great Tao, Forty-Nine Heavenly Paths, one escapes! Therefore, all things in the world have a thread of life!】 At sixteen: You broke through to a Ninth-grade Martial Artist, thus deterring all ill-intentioned enemies. At two hundred: You shattered the confines of heaven and earth, unlocked your Divine Hidden body, and certified the Path of Human Immortal. At three hundred: You comprehended the natural world, and certified the Heavenly Immortal Way. At seven hundred and eighty-six: You validated Immortal Path five times, ascended to heaven in one step, and certified the position of Dao Monarch. ... After countless simulations,【You paved the Immortal Path for all beings and were revered as the founder of the Great Tao.】

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Autumn comes after night rain



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Has anyone figured out how to access the menu trial reading list or voting poll? Really sucks, I can't even find this menu now.


Pretty alright. If you're looking for surface level entertainment and like simulation stories, I enjoyed this one. Only real complaint, is that MC gets caught up in some stupid situations. I know he supposed to be unlucky for balancing, but there was definitely better ways to go about neednerfing him.


I've read up until the locked chapters , the translation or writing was very well done, some ppl might disagree with MC some might agree but overall every human is different and have different thoughts process, if everything is too perfect then life will not be meaningful , such is dao (that literally escapes)hahaA good start , I will probably pick it up later in the future after I finish reading my other book


Reveal spoiler


mc creates problems and blame others for creating problem and killed them infact if he want he avoid conflicts . MC killing people like cutting carrots . and simulation always end same idiotic way. in terms author just want to show ruthless mc .


Review based on the first 25 chapters (because they were free, so why not?). Yes, it's an isekai story. Yes, there's a system. But it seems like the MC was reborn in the new world as Pei Xuanjing (You'll know why I said this if you decide to read the story). The system only shows him 1 potential life simulation based on his current situation. Does the system troll him? Maybe, I think so, but who knows. Does the system offer decent rewards? Yes. Does the system make the MC work for it? Absolutely. It forces the MC to study. Imagine getting reincarnated into a new world and you're stuck studying for the rest of your life. At least the MC grows knowledgeable, I guess XD Would I keep reading? Yes, I would. I just to know if he'll ever survive past the age of 80.


The consistency is important when translating. But this has different names throughout the novel and I hate it. One star




Finally an mc who does not solely depend on golden finger but also works hard to cultivate


To know why I trapped this book, you must read to chapter 20 by chapter 20 you will understand that everything that author has told you in this book leading up to chapter 20 means nothing the main character being costly, scared and hiding to protect himself. Does everything possible to endanger his own life and then he’s rewarded miraculous


Reveal spoiler


this was a pretty good novel. decent character development, though some minor defect in how simulation doesn't exactly reflect mc current mentality or decision making seems kinda inconsistent, but on a whole it was pretty decent in sim genre. as far as world background goes, it doesn't really stand out. maybe because the plot progression was a bit slow, so by ch34, there's nothing much to say about the world. even the simulation doesn't help much in world building. (though understandably since mc died young and fast in simulations)


a história começa legal, e é um enredo muito bom e envolvente, porém assim como as últimas história que li como recomendação do webnovel, ela não faz nem um sentindo, toda hora parece as pessoas mudam de estágio de cultivo, é chato de mais o fato do autor não se manter em algo que ele escreveu a menos de 3 capítulos, toda hora as famílias ficam mais forte, e os gênios toda maldita vez conforme o cultivo do MC aumenta eles aumentam juntos, pelo amor de deus destruiu uma história muito boa, só pelo fato de não ter a porra de uma consistência, tô muito bravo por ter perdido meu tempooo


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