181 Upward Momentum

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Su Fengzhi said, "Fengmao, why don't you give Binglan to us instead?" He was genuinely envious of his second brother.

Su Fengmao became anxious and said, "You can't be so unkind, Fengzhi. Binglan is our family's lucky star." He was afraid others would snatch his daughter away from him.

Su Fengzhi sighed. "I noticed how anxious you are. I won't be so envious."

"You can be envious, but you're not allowed to snatch my daughter from me," Su Fengmao said smirkingly.

Madam Liu realized her husband had returned to his old self and looked at the two brothers playfully arguing. The smile on her face became even broader.

Meanwhile, Su Wenchi sniffled and suppressed his emotions. He said, "This is great." He had always hoped to see his father happy again so his family could live a good life.


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