180 Barbequed Lamb Skewers

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Madam Liu was a slow worker. Still, she hurriedly moved the table to the ground and emptied the brick bed so everyone could sit and talk.

Su Fengzhi and his family knew Su Binglan was someone who always had good money-making ideas. They looked at Su Binglan, ready to listen to her.

Su Binglan said, "Uncle Fengzhi, I noticed you have more than ten sheep at home, so you can use them to make barbeque lamb skewers."

Su Fengzhi looked puzzled. He had worked in several places, cooked, and ate many dishes but had never heard of barbeque lamb skewers.

"Binglan, I've never heard of that before, nor has anyone made such a thing. Do you pierce the lamb with a stick?" Su Fengzhi looked at his niece with a humbled expression.

He knew his niece was a competent person, and even though he was her elder, Su Fengzhi resembled a student in front of Su Binglan.


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