Shen Qiuhua genuinely liked the bracelet her daughter bought for her. Most women liked jewelry, after all.

After taking a closer look at the bracelet, Shen Qiuhua carefully put it back into the box and said, "Why would you spend so much money on this, Binglan? We could've bought more food."

Shen Qiuhua was willing to spend money on her family but was unwilling to spend a single cent on herself. She would save every cent if she could.

Su Binglan saw how much her mother liked the bracelet. "Mother, I've earned plenty of money on the way back, so it's okay. I bought this gift for you and will be thrilled if you wore it."

She insisted on putting the silver bracelet on Shen Qiuhua. "I'll buy a better one for you when I earn more money, Mother."

Shen Qiuhua said, "This is more than enough, Binglan. You don't have to buy anymore." A smile hung on her face even though she said that.


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