The Shopkeeper of Konoha

Pushed into the dangerous world of the anime Naruto out of a random wish, the protagonist who didn't have any training was forced to carve his way out in this godforsaken world. He could only follow the footsteps of previous owner and hope he could survive. Follow Aoto as he stamps his own influence in the world slowly and brings changes the known world. Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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What a troll!

"So you are saying that the summoned people will originate from outside the village and their names will be registered in the records?" Aoto wanted to confirm what he was understanding.


Yes, and even the memory of those in charge of maintaining the records will be changed in order for your summons to reach your place of business and place of employment.


"Damn! This is ridiculous." Aoto murmured under his breath. The system was really too powerful to even change the memories. This was like plugging all the holes and making sure that everything was legal.

"So what do I need to do to summon someone?" Aoto enquired while getting thrilled. He might encounter a powerful bread maker since the call, according to the algorithm, would come from all planets and realms. Aoto was safe and content inside the store, but the situation was different outside. A whole different picture would emerge once he left the guardian circle.

Even if the summon wasn't as powerful to protect there might at least be someone in the same realm who could give him some kind of protection.


Host needs to revolve the lottery just like last time.


Aoto was once more forcibly transported into the system space. And just like the previous time, he was once more close to the lottery wheel that had question marks between them. After turning the wheel, he was still unsure of the kind of person he might be summoning.

But before he used all of his strength to turn the wheel, he prayed one final time. The wheel spun quite a bit before gently coming to rest on one question mark. The question mark on the wheel half gradually disappeared, and a youngster took its place.

A boy with large cheeks and a noticeable amount of body weight appeared at the wheel. Aoto initially believed that the person who had just entered the wheel was from a dimension he was unfamiliar with, but he had a strange feeling that he had already seen the young boy before. He just couldn't place where.


Congratulations to the host for getting his first summon. This is Hot Pie from the world of Game of Thrones. He was selected as an intern in a bakery in his early days and later turned out to be an excellent baker.


Aoto tensed up in his position. He was seeing things that he couldn't believe. He believed that when he turned the wheel, he would draw a character from one of the many food-related anime, such as Food Wars, the world of Ghibli's creations, or some other completely unrelated anime.

But instead, the system had chosen to troll him once more by assigning him to a useless nobody from a world that was already broken, like it had done the last two times. It was understandable why Aoto thought he recognised the man.

He had seen Hot Pie in the TV series once or twice and after the disaster of the the 8th season he decided to never watch that series again.

"System, are you being serious?"


I don't have the settings of humor, dear host.


"Sigh! You really like to pull pranks on me."


The host needs to understands the general rules of the summons.

1. Each summon will be obedient to the task at hand rather than the host. The host cannot order his summons to perform tasks that are outside of their areas of expertise. The host is limited to asking his summons to produce more or less, or something along the lines of their own fields of expertise.

2.The host cannot force the primary summon to choose the secondary summons; only the primary summon who had been called for the task has the authority to call the other two summons.

3. Each and every summon will be inserted an information about the fact of him being a summon and had been forcefully taken away to this world so the host doesn't need to explain the part and also the system will make sure that each and every summon doesn't ever speak of the secret of the system. It is done so in order to make sure that the secret of the system is kept as he host doesn't have full power on the summons yet.

P.S. The people who are called for a certain area of competence are the main summons. For instance, Hot Pie is the main summon in this instance, and the secondary summons are the people he will ask for assistance from.


"Yet? You mean in future I might have full control on the summons?" Aoto asked.


The host is low tiered to know.


Aoto wasn't angry when he got the answer, rather he was happy. This small words meant in the future when his business would bloom he might get full control over the system.

"Can I call Hot Pie and then ask him about the two other summons at least?" Aoto asked.




In a matter of seconds the photo of the chubby guy disappeared along with the wheel and soon a person appeared instead. The person just like the one in the picture was a chubby guy who had fat deposited in many parts of his body. He wore rag clothes and seemed like someone who belonged to the old European times.

The youngster initially appeared bewildered because he was unsure of what had transpired. But as time went on, new information began to flood his consciousness. The knowledge that he was being forcibly transported to another world. The system also had to ensure that the youngster knew what had just happened to him because he was too uneducated to even comprehend what a new world was. This required a flurry of common information, such as the language and acceptable clothes, along with it.

After shaking for a short while, he fell to his knees. Hot Pie appeared to be in great panic because he was obviously trembling.