The Shopkeeper of Konoha

Pushed into the dangerous world of the anime Naruto out of a random wish, the protagonist who didn't have any training was forced to carve his way out in this godforsaken world. He could only follow the footsteps of previous owner and hope he could survive. Follow Aoto as he stamps his own influence in the world slowly and brings changes the known world. Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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Weed! Are you sure?

"So now I will have to adapt to this new lifestyle." Aoto thought. There were major cultural differences between his previous life and his new one. Living at Teuchi's home made him realize many new things and at times he definitely felt awkward. If it was not for the memories he would have definitely not known some minute things required to live in a Japanese type society. But now that he would be living alone, there was no such burden.

But the burden would fall on him in a different way.

"System, now that the shop is ready, how do I proceed?"


The host needs to sell items from different worlds which will be obtained after starting a lottery. Once a particular item is chosen from the lottery, the host needs to sell it and obtain money. The system will take away half the profit. The system will not put a price cap of the sold items and the host can put whatever price it wants to put.

There are particular points that the host has to keep in mind.

1. The system will only provide the first batch of items for free and the host would have to buy from real money in order to get access to more batches of the item that was chosen from the lottery. For example, if the host gets access to AK-47 from the lottery, the system will provide 5 medium sized crates containing 10 AK-47 each. If the host wants to buy more AK-47 later, he would have to pay up.

2. The profit margin will only be counted when the host sells items from the system. The current host has some proficiency in making bread and whatever profit is earned by the host from this will not be counted. If the host's lottery ends up landing on bread, only then the profit earned by bread will be counted. If the host gets access to jelly and the host decides on making his own jelly too, both of the items will be considered when counting the profit. Disclaimer : the things made by the host and his subordinates must be up to the mark for the system or else it wouldn't be considered as items which came from the system.

3. The host has decided to bind the current shop as the main shop and thus a distance of 50 metres radius around the shop is exclusive for the host and is invincible in this exclusive space. Nothing can touch the host if it is initiated with malice towards the host or his subordinates.


Aoto didn't care about the other things. The only thing that attracted his eyes was the 'invincible' part. A 50 metre radius of exclusive space that belonged to him. Nothing would be able to touch him. This was a huge matter for Aoto.

"System, is there a way to make the radius of protection much larger?"


Yes. By upgrading the shop.


"How do I do that?"


The host has a long way to go in order to upgrade the shop. It is advised that the host start the business at the beginning and not reach for the skies in one shot.


"C'mon. At least give me a hint. I have been a good boy." Aoto pleaded multiple times only to get zero answer from the system.

"Fine .. Fine.. Be mum. At least start the lottery for me." His last words made the silent system wake up from slumber. Aoto was thrusted towards a white space. His surroundings changed as Aoto felt he was taken into a totally different dimension which had nothing but the color white and surprisingly the white color wasn't being harmful to the eyes of Aoto.

"This system seems powerful. It can even change the surroundings." Aoto thought


The system is the most powerful thing the host has ever seen in his life.


"Sorry for doubting you." Aoto looked at his feet as he said that.

Aoto noticed that there was a white wheel. The wheel was divided by 8 portions with the help of a thin black line and on each section there was a question mark.

"What is this?"


This is the wheel of the lottery and the host needs to rotate it with speed enough to complete at least one full rotation.


"But I can't see the items on the wheel. How will I know what are the items that are up in the lottery?"


It depends on the luck of the host. And since it is the first time for the host, the host gets two chance on the lottery


Aoto didn't complain anymore and just walked to the wheel. After praying for his good luck, he rotated the wheel with all his strength. Since he didn't know what were the items that he would get, it was better to let his luck decide.

The wheel rotated multiple times before the pointer that was in the middle of the wheel landed on a question mark. The question slowly faded away and revealed the first item that his luck had decided for him.

Aoto jumped on his feet seeing the first item, not out of happiness. But solely out of horror!

"System you are kidding. Right?"


The system has no such function of pulling pranks on the host.


"You want me to sell this? Are you crazy?"


It was luck that decided the item to be sold. Not the system. The host will get initial 50 crates of the item with each crate containing 50 items of it.


The system didn't bother to argue and manifested 50 medium sized crates in front of him. The crates didn't look big but each one had a label marked on them. The drawing was of a plant. A plant that was famous among teenagers and even young adults in his previous life. This item was banned in many countries in his previous life but in some it was legal to conduct business on this plant.

The plant was Cannabis!

The system has pulled a huge prank on Aoto and had sent Cannabis cigarettes to sell as the first item.