The Shopkeeper of Konoha

Pushed into the dangerous world of the anime Naruto out of a random wish, the protagonist who didn't have any training was forced to carve his way out in this godforsaken world. He could only follow the footsteps of previous owner and hope he could survive. Follow Aoto as he stamps his own influence in the world slowly and brings changes the known world. Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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Ridiculous things that can make someone mad


He recognized that name from the sticker. The moment he read it, he felt like taking the system to a pro WWE wrestling arena and fighting it out with him.

"System, I am not going to sell this." Aoto kept himself and didn't bother to argue with the system, instead he chose the most calmer route. In no way he was going to sell this thing from the system to the locals.


That is upto the host. But if the host doesn't sell 100 sets of each of the items that is appointed in the lottery, the shop will not upgrade itself and get the host more facilities and perks.


"System, is that revenge?"


The system doesn't have an emotional quotient.


"Fuck!!" Aoto was on the verge of screaming.

"I refuse to believe that my luck is that bad." Aoto clenched his fist and gritted his teeth when he said those words and proceeded to roll the wheel. He wished to gauge how unlucky he was. First of two were already outrageous and he didn't know how to sell those. He rolled the wheel in full speed and another item showed up at the end. This time, Aoto exhibited confusion rather than anger.

"System, is this what I think it is?"


The system can't read the mind of the host after you have stopped that function


"Good. Don't even think of trying that again."

The thing that had appeared was quite special and, for the first time, it wasn't from his universe. It fit in another fictional setting. He had loved that fictional universe since he was a young child—in fact, he has loved it longer than anime.

The item came from the world of Harry Potter and the item was Chocolate frogs. These chocolate frogs were rather unique because they were made of a special substance called croakoa, which gave the frog a lifelike behavior. If the person holding the frog didn't hold it down, the frog would undoubtedly flee.

To check if it was genuine, Aoto opened the packet containing the chocolate frog right away. The frog lifted its head and stared at Aoto as he did so, blinking its eyes. It had an odd appearance because its eyes and entire body were still composed of chocolate. When Aoto saw this, he was mesmerized and he had to inquire.

"Is magic real?"


It is, of course, genuine. If chakra is possible in one universe, magic is undoubtedly possible in other worlds.


"I wish I could perform magic. Now that would be quite a sight." The chocolate frog jumped out of Aoto's grasp and came to rest on the floor. It didn't stop and started to lapping away from Aoto, as if it was scared of getting eaten. Instead of attempting to halt the frog, Aoto simply marveled at it. But he quickly came to his senses. It was riskier to take this chocolate amphibian than to take viagra. It might actually materialize, just like Sai's sketches.

The problem was that it was discovered he had a very low concentration of chakras in his body while he was in school. He was simply told that he could only study in regular school because he wasn't good enough to be accepted to the ninja school.

"This can't do. I need to somehow prove to Asuma that I can do ninjustu a bit and have some family techniques that can make a chocolate come to life." He was content with this new object nonetheless because, at the very least, it served a purpose.

Aoto then spun the wheel a couple more times. And he was even more surprised by the subsequent ones.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans was the fourth item. This was another object from the Harry Potter universe. A packet of jelly beans in various varieties, with tastes ranging from sweet candy to vomit. It reminded me of Russian roulette. It was entirely dependent on luck whether you would win or fail.

Aoto was genuinely very pleased with the fifth one. Books pertaining to human body. Even in his prior world, where technology was more advanced, the human body was a treasure unto itself, with many mysteries still to be discovered. So a book which had middle level knowledge of human body was a huge leap.

He was confident that this product would be a market hit and that profiting from it wouldn't be difficult because the society had fair publishing rules.

The sixth was a book as well, but it held in-depth information on the heart, potential heart diseases, and the medications needed to treat them. The book belonged to a highly advanced human civilization from a seemingly separate universe, and it was even more sophisticated than the information in his own world. Naturally, the system clarified everything to him since he had no knowledge of the medical industry.

This was a huge treasure.

"My luck is finally improving." Aoto's face was beaming broadly.

The seventh one was what Aoto might have described as "hitting the jackpot." a 98 version of Windows. Yes the same Microsoft Windows 98 on which he played his first game. The degree of technology in the world of the shinobi was extremely strange. They used computers primarily for surveillance and other minor reasons, but they lacked a good operating system even though they had computers.

The people's livelihoods would improve thanks to this version of Windows 98, which would also advance computer technology. Additionally, he would finally be able to hold something computerized. As if that weren't enough, Windows 98 was followed by a second book of information.

A book containing the elementary knowledge of Internet. It was very basic, and the most that most people could do with it was transfer files over wired connections between computers at a maximum pace of 100 kbps.

After that, there were just the final two things. It was the last two items that scared the shit out of Aoto.

"This is ridiculous. The other items could be explained as prank but not these. How do you wish I will explain to the people that I have these things?" Aoto asked the system.


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