The Shinobi With The Straw Hat Book

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The Shinobi With The Straw Hat


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Kentaro, a man with a past hidden deep inside his heart spends his time on anime and adult films. One day, while he 'takes care' of himself, Kentaro receives an e-mail. He gets the urge to open it, the survey goes about what world he would like to live in and in what period. Playing along with the survey, Kentaro chooses the Naruto verse in the warring states period. Unbeknownst to him, he gets transported into the body he created. See him mature and find his true self back in this cruel and merciless world, Kentaro will become stronger with the years while wearing his unique straw hat. Follow his story into becoming the greatest shinobi ever seen. ************** I will use my imagination to create clans and make battles up, as the era of the warring states period is not so detailed in the original work. I hope you guys enjoy it. Don't forget to give me some critical reviews.


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