164 Xiana's Goddess form

Xu Long waved his hand in the air, a cloud appearing in front of them through which they all could see what was going on in the Demon Realm. "Look at Su Licheng! He is controlled by the evil stone. Once he falls into the River of Hell with that stone, he will become the Supreme Lord of the Demons. Then, he will kill all of you, Xiana," he said, making everyone worried. 

"No, my son! Your Majesty, please do something about it," the Empress requested her husband. 

"Let me show you people something more," Xu Long asserted and flicked his fingers. Shen Daoren was lying on the floor unconscious, his clothes were covered in his blood. Then, the scene switched to Li Dongbin, who was in a duel with two demons. He also looked badly injured. 


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