165 The Closure

Xiana, having retrieved the malevolent stone from Li Dongbin, recognized the imperative of its confinement within the Heavenly Realm. All ensuing troubles stemmed from its influence, necessitating its isolation from all. 

"I can seal it," Licheng proposed. 

"It has resurfaced before. Therefore, under the watchful gaze of the Heavenly Emperor, it stands a better chance of containment," Xiana explained.

"Very well. We shall return to the mortal realm," Su Licheng suggested. "I will escort Shen Daoren myself," he declared. Xiana and Li Dongbin accompanied him to the main hall.

There, Su Licheng and Li Dongbin each took hold of Shen Daoren's arms, assisting him to his feet. Together, they descended to the palace grounds, where Su Licheng's kin and martial warriors awaited, having returned to the palace following the miraculous recovery of all the afflicted humans from the demons.


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