160 In the Demon's realm

Xuanzi halted gradually in his steps, followed by Li Dongbin and Li Shiyi. 

"I think someone is around us," Xuanzi replied. 

"I feel the same," Li Dongbin wandered his eyes around to check. 

"What are you three doing here?" Su Licheng asked the three of them. "It's not the place you three should enter, especially for Li Shiyi," he added. Though he was a person with a calm demeanor, their acts made him furious. 

"I was the one, who brought them here," Li Dongbin stepped up, asking Su Licheng to calm down. 

"Why? Do you think Xu Long is here?" Su Licheng asked. 

"An evil demonic energy is channelized here," Li Dongbin told him. 

Su Licheng could sense the energy and wondered who probably could come to the Forest of Death. 

Suddenly, he began hearing the voices in his head. It was of his mother from the past, whom he could not forget till now. He knew it was manipulation magic, but he couldn't help but hear this voice. 


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