9 Chapter 9

(Note: Still in 3rd Person!)

Juri was beside herself, in a mixture of anger and lust, all due to the [Negative Energy] that had messed up her body and mind, while the System organizes everything.

Because of this Juri was in a mix of thoughts like "Kill Ikai with a beating!" or "Kill Ikai by eating her ass!", regardless of what it is, Ikai has to die in Juri's mind.

And so her kicks, her main weapon, came with great weight and power, much stronger than usual and crying Ikai who let out painful, wailing screams, she was full of confusion and the 2 kicks to the face didn't help make her any less confused.

When Ikai got a moment to breathe, she noticed something, Juri's full became more intense, her vitality even more powerful, but it wasn't something so pristine in the past, now there was a Paranormal force next to her, assimilating itself to her!

'I... how?'- Ikai was confused.

She understands what is happening to Juri, this is called 'Paranormal Exposure', it happens when Humans who have never been exposed or connected to the other side, start to get deeper and deeper!

This makes them stronger, but also changes many humans in different ways!

But this is a lengthy process, where an individual needs to confront the other side several times, kill or fuck with Paranormal creatures, to get to the degree of [Paranormal Exposure] exuded by Juri.

That's why Ikai didn't understand, maybe if they had fucked for 1 whole month, Ikai would understand, but it was only 1 time, how is that possible?

And because Juri got this [Paranormal Exposure], she became stronger and more capable in dealing with Paranormal beings!

Before her blows would be more physical things, they would damage her body, but not her soul, so even if she dies, Ikai could come back in the future in a new body.

But if Juri kills her using [Paranormal Exposure] it's a complete death!

Knowing this, Ikai quickly snapped out of her daze, naturally shocked and still very confused, but her survival instincts were warning her to strike back soon!

Juri was already very strong before, now with the amplification brought by [Negative Energy], it became deadly dangerous for Ikai!

And Ikai felt with each kick, that the damage was no less than that caused by human Firearms, which shocked her!

But she quickly tried to transform, her human form is unable to exert its full strength, but of course, transforming takes time, something Juri is not giving her!

Juri continued throwing heavy kicks and punches!

Ikai as soon as he formed his tail, used it to grab Juri's arm and wanted to throw it away.

But Juri grabbed her tail wrapping herself around his arm, she pulled it with all the strength she had, due to [Strong Fists], this also strengthened the strength of her grip, so she was able to firmly hold Ikai's tail which grunted painfully.

Your tail is both a weapon and a pleasure zone, meaning whoever made that designer is a son of a bitch!

Juri, who grabbed Ikai's tail with great strength, pulled, and Ikai squealed in pain, and went along with the tug, for his tail was very sensitive.

And so his body in the midst of the final transformation bent, as Juri launched a kick at his chest... breast/butt...

Juri's toes entered that pussy causing Ikai to let out a shrill scream as he shuddered, his horse cock pulsing.

But Ikai acted and grabbed Juri's leg, then exerted immense force, even though Juri is powerful and very strong, there are limits and Ikai is not weak, even though she can't exert 100% of her strength in the real world, she still has enough strength to bend iron with her hands!

But when she hit Juri's leg with immense force while holding her heel, for even with pain/pleasure, Ikai thought, if she only hit Juri's leg, her foot inside her breast/butt, would go down so hard that it would cause even more pain.

So she held her heel before punching, but... she felt her blow fall with immense force, Juri screamed in pain as it took a good portion of her HP, but her leg didn't sprain, it just reddened.

Ikai was shocked by this scene, not understanding what was happening, because this leg which is certainly not that strong, was practically intact?!

'Didn't I put in enough strength?'- Ikai asked herself in shock, refusing to believe such a thing.

She looked at Juri and saw her even more as a monster!

And Juri growling madly, pulled even harder on her tail, bringing her to the ground, Ikai loosening her grip on Juri's leg due to several recent situations.

Soon after, removing her now wet foot from inside that breast/butt, Juri landed a knee on Ikai's abdomen and fell, forcing her to the ground faster.

Due to the sweat, Juri eventually saw as Ikai's tail slipped out of her palm.

She breathed heavily, ignoring the pain and moved forward, when Ikai turned and with a sharp scream, delivered two heavy kicks to Juri's chest, sending her about 4 meters away, which tumbled to the ground.

Ikai stood with his arms and legs spread, breathing heavily, before forcing himself to stand up, as his head turned in the direction of the door.

Ikai felt enormous fear, Juri is very strange, a real monster in human skin!

She wants to escape from here, she wants to live!

So she stood with great difficulty, stumbled to the door, it was so close, a few more steps, but it was also so far away...

A standing Juri, still angry and with her senses clouded, stood up in haste and saw Ikai running away, so she growled and ran to Ikai who sped up in fear.

Then already on Ikai's back, Juri gave a ferocious kick to Ikai between her legs, hitting her only ball and causing her to let out a sharp, agonizing scream!

Juri quickly planted her foot on the ground as Ikai arched forward, hugged her, and with immense force, threw her backwards!

Ikai saw the ceiling, before colliding heavily against the floor!

Her mouth wide open as she spit out saliva and some blood.

Her painful moans began to echo next as she writhed in pain, she didn't have the strength to fight back anymore.

She can only stare at Juri with those maddened eyes, seeking her death!

"Mercy... please... spare me... sorry..." - Ikai began to plead for her life, stretching out her long pale arms as best she could, giving her a pitiful look.

But on Juri's face was anger, lust and confusion, with anger winning out over everything she was feeling!

Ikai noticed this madness, desperation taking over her mind, when a smell that she loves most came to her mind, her eyes landed on Juri's erect penis, which has been like this since the beginning of the fight.

Seeing this, Ikai saw hope, so when Juri grabbed one of her arms to try to do something, Ikai with the rest of her strength, used the other to get close to Juri's groin and then grab hard on that huge, thick, veiny cock!

Juri stopped and let out a loud grunt as she shuddered, she then began to blink and force her blinks, her body shaking and leaning, she held her head and growled.

Ikai's action was successful in causing even more of Juri's confusion, making her lust slightly greater, which allowed the crazed Juri to regain some of her consciousness.

And Juri began to breathe more heavily, soon bending down and grabbing Ikai's neck, who was trembling, but his hand on Juri's cock was moving gently, his other hand, released by Juri, also went to his groin, touching it.

Juri looked into Ikai's dark eyes, she saw the fear in those eyes, while Ikai saw amidst the madness and lust, consciousness returning to those eyes.

Juri opened her mouth to try to speak something, but her lips trembled and her mouth closed constantly, Ikai saw opportunity, her long tongue moved forward and like a tentacle entered Juri's mouth.

Juri's eyes became intense again, but Ikai knew by instinct what to do, she kissed Juri, teasing her and not using her aphrodisiac, as she felt that would only cause her death.

And it was a smart move, for it worked, as Juri forced her head down and began kissing Ikai with intensity, while her groin quivered with Ikai's masturbation.

Finally, after a short period of time, Juri came back to her senses, still having headaches, a certain madness, but she could reason and control her body much better.

In this way she let go of Ikai, stepped away from her and sat down on the ground, clenching her teeth slightly and breathing heavily.

Ikai was breathing heavily too, still letting out a few groans of pain, his body covered in red, purple and black bruises!

Juri sat up and looked at Ikai, who felt her gaze and looked back at her, shuddering a little.

"What are you?" - Asked Juri trembling, controlling the arousal in her body, due to the existing aphrodisiac and the masturbation from just now.

"... Demon..." - Ikai said with some difficulty.

Juri already knew that, she wanted to know something else, but from the looks of it, it would be hard to get information from her.

Soon Juri stood up, Ikai shuddering in fear. - "I'm not going to kill you, you have answers to the questions I desire, so return to your previous form!"

"No... I can..." - Ikai said shakily.

"Why not?" - Juri asked seriously.

"I am... weak... if I transform... I will die... human body... weaker..." - Said Ikai coughing.

Hearing this, Juri understood a little, then memories of sex with Ikai surfaced in her mind, remembering some bruises that disappeared.

She then looked at his hard, wet cock, which was already aching.

Juri looked at Ikai and asked. - "If I fuck you, will you heal yourself?"

Ikai looked at Juri in surprise, then nodded slightly.

Letting out a sigh, Juri looked at Ikai's huge horse cock lying on the ground, then at the pussy on her breast, which was flashing, slightly reddened and leaking a clear liquid.

Juri thought quickly moved forward and sat on Ikai's abdomen, who was even more surprised.

"I will help you heal, so be obedient, or I swear I will break every bone in your body before I kill you!" - Said Juri as he growled with ferocity.

[You have developed the Active Skill "Intimidation!"]

Ikai nodded, then said. - "I promise..."

Soon Juri sensuously biting his lips, brought his cock closer to that blinking pussy and leaking even more clear liquid.

She stood up and leaned in, touching the soft breast, before fitting her head in and feeling the softness and wetness.

Ikai grunted in pain, so Juri advanced her hips, but just as she was about to put him in, a voice came from the side.

"Hey, I think you better not do that, demons can't be trusted!" - Said a male voice, startling Juri and Ikai.

Looking over, Juri saw a man in his mid-30's, crouching and smiling at the side.

Juri was shocked and very confused.

"Well, I'll talk to you later, now... goodbye filthy demon!" - Said the man before sticking a strange knife into Ikai's forehead who tried to shout something, but the man would not listen.

Ikai stopped moving, Juri was shocked but had already stood up and got into combat stance.

"My beautiful pervert, I don't know what you are thinking about fucking a Sex Demon, those things suck your vitality, so if you were to heal her, you would be weaker than her!" - Said the man nodding his head.

Juri frowned, she didn't know that, but she should have thought about it.

"Well then, you need to recover and of course go through an interrogation, but first, how about going to sleep?" - The man smiled and disappeared from Juri's sight.

Juri was confused, but she heard something coming from behind, reacted quickly and ducked down.

"Hey, don't make it hard!" - Said the man annoyed, before his expression distorted as he took a kick to the stomach.

His body recoiled for about 10 feet before he steadied himself, the man's breathing getting a little heavy, but he quickly calmed down.

"Holy shit! What a fucking hard kick!" - Said the man straightening his posture and making a pained expression.

Juri was already running towards him, the man forcing a bitter smile and disappearing again.

Juri reacted quickly to this, turning to kick, the man used one arm to do so, which was covered in a black goo, Juri felt as if he had kicked Jell-O.

At the same time, Juri felt a surge of strength in his body, the same as he felt when fighting Ikai.

"Wait, you're that strong without using fucking Negative Energy? What a find!" - Said the man with an impressed look on his face.

Juri didn't understand what he said, but she wanted to quickly finish this, she vaguely saw the man's level, Level 103... he is strong, very strong indeed!

Juri continued to throw her heavy kicks, which only made the man smile with fascination, but then he made a move.

Suddenly the distance closed, Juri with one leg raised, saw the man right in front of him, then a hand gripping his balls tightly, the man was smiling as he said. - "Sorry!"

Wide-eyed, Juri only saw when the man touched her forehead and then she was knocked unconscious!

The man let go of Juri, who fell to the ground and let out a sigh. - "I didn't expect to find someone so... peculiar!"

He soon took a cell phone from his pocket, quickly dialed a number and said. - "I need a vehicle to transport a potential agent who also needs medical attention and an Anti-Paranormal Serum, her exposure has increased markedly and must have affected her Sanity.

I also need a cleaner, the Sex Demon has succeeded in sucking some of the vitality out of the civilian and has affected the place a bit.

I'll give a more detailed report when I get to Headquarters, just trust me!"

Just then the man looked around, went to the room that had a peculiar smell and aura, he then went to the closet, seeing few clothes, he took just a blue sheet that was there, went to Juri, covered her and soon took her in his arms.

"Wow, she's pretty light... doesn't even look like she beat a Pinnacle Sex Demon to a pulp!" - The man laughed looking at the beautiful face of the unconscious Juri.

He then went to the closed door, opened it easily and went to the elevator, down to the first floor, where there are many people there, among them the doorman and Lydia.

There are also police officers and many civilians.

The policemen were making a perimeter around the entrance, preventing the civilians from entering, but inside this perimeter were individuals who don't look like authorities, which is very strange.

But the policemen were following their orders, pushing the civilians away.

"Mr. Tristan, how did it go?" - An energetic boy with wide eyes asked, coming up to the man holding Juri.

"Something interesting happened, I'll tell you guys later, I'm waiting for the ride, take care when the cleaner arrives!" - Tristan said smiling.

The boy nodded and looked at Juri, confused. - "Is she a rookie agent?"

"No, but she will become!" - Tristan said.

The boy was confused as he could sense Juri's Paranormal Exposure level, it took him about 2 years to reach that exposure and he almost went crazy several times, but Juri reached such a level without the Organization knowing about her?

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