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I really do appreciate the love that you showered over the books I've published so far (The Nikaah Agreement and The secrets behind our breakup). I would like to note that writing is my hobby so my it is not that proficient and I write mostly short stories... I know most people think I stopped updating, but the truth is that this book has been completed, but it has a sequel which is named "The Nikaah Agreement" The sequel is completed as well. So...If you want another dose of Kayra and Abyad, don't forget to check out the sequel(ps the sequel is not on webnovel) Love you all <3.

Abyad Khan - 20-year-old, doing pilot studies in South Africa. A total playboy. He lost complete belief in love. He kept himself away from all his friends and family.

Kayra Aayat Ahmed- 20-year-old, studying in Australia and doing a part-time job to accomplish her goals. She is broken from inside, yet strong on the outside. She is always supported by her friends, and she vowed revenge on those who have wronged her.

Zinat Siddiqui - 20- year- old, Kayra's best friend, she is studying accounting and Finance and handling a side business simultaneously. She dreamt to set up her own makeup brand one day.

Aditya- Kayra's brother's best friend, and Ahaana's love interest. He knew Aayat since she was 5 years old and treated her like his sister.

Ahaana- Kayra's friend and Aditya's love interest, she is interning in Aditya's company and loves doing maths. She is known for her cheery attitude.

Irshad- 24- year- old Kayra's childhood friend, who is deeply in love with a girl named Ayesha. He is the CEO of a wedding planner enterprise.

Dafne- 20- year -old Kayra's roommate, who is more like a sister to her. She is sweet and loving. She cares for everyone around her.

Rania- Kayra's cousin, who hates her to the core. She vowed to ruin her life and could go to any extent to achieve her goal.

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