5 Chapter 3: Confrontations and Resolutions

It was a new day, and Aayat's heart was a mixture of excitement and trepidation as she stepped onto the university campus. This was her chance for a fresh start, an opportunity to leave behind the painful memories of the past and focus on her future. The desire for revenge simmered beneath the surface, but she knew she needed to bide her time and concentrate on her studies first.

As she made her way to the freshmen mixer, she couldn't shake off the nerves that gnawed at her. She was determined to keep a low profile and avoid any unnecessary confrontations. Little did she know that fate had a bitter encounter planned for her.

As the doors of the mixer swung open, Aayat's heart skipped a beat when she locked eyes with none other than Rania – the person who had once been her best friend turned bitter enemy. Memories of their turbulent past flooded her mind like a torrential storm, bringing back the pain, jealousy, and unresolved anger.

Trying to hide her emotions, Aayat steadied herself and put on a brave face. She reminded herself of the promise she had made to focus on her career first and let the flames of revenge burn quietly inside her. But seeing Rania in the same room brought back a rush of emotions that she struggled to control.

Rania, on the other hand, wore a smug grin as if she knew the effect her presence had on Aayat. Her eyes gleamed with a hint of malice, and it was evident that she hadn't forgotten their past animosity either.

Aayat was torn between walking away and confronting Rania. Part of her wanted to avoid any unnecessary drama, but another part yearned for closure, to finally confront the person who had caused her so much pain.

But before Aayat could make a decision, fate intervened once again. As she was about to slip away from the crowd, Rania sauntered over, blocking her path.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the little girl who thinks she can outshine me," Rania sneered, her tone dripping with condescension.

Aayat clenched her fists, feeling the anger rise within her, but she forced herself to maintain her composure. "I'm not interested in competing with you, Rania. I'm here to focus on my studies and build a better future for myself.”

"Oh, please, spare me the righteous act," Rania scoffed, her eyes full of disdain. "I know you've always envied me, always wanted what I had.”

Aayat took a deep breath, trying to keep her emotions in check. "I don't envy you, Rania. I just want to move on from our past and avoid any unnecessary drama.”

"You can't run away from the past, Aayat. It will always catch up to you," Rania taunted, her voice like venom.

"I don't intend to run away," Aayat replied calmly. "I intend to learn from the past and grow stronger because of it.”

Rania's eyes narrowed, and she took a step closer, invading Aayat's personal space. "You think you can outsmart me, don't you? You think you can win against me?”

As Rania hugged Aayat, she couldn't help but smirk, believing she had once again asserted her dominance over her. However, little did she know that Aayat was restraining herself from delivering a well-deserved punch. Instead, Aayat maintained a façade of composure and faked a smile, all the while seething with anger inside.

In a whispered voice that carried a chilling undertone, Aayat responded to Rania's taunts, "You may think you have the upper hand, but let me assure you, I'm not as naive as you believe. You won't see my next move coming, and it will hit you harder than you can imagine. So I suggest you stay on your guard, because this time you're dealing with a sister seeking revenge, not just a lover fighting for her love.”

Aayat's words struck like venom, her voice dripping with determination and a burning desire to bring justice to those who had been hurt. She continued, "I may not know all the details of what you've done, but I am certain that you were behind everything that happened. Your deceitful ways won't go unnoticed, and you will face the consequences of your actions. Beware.”

Rania's eyes widened with surprise and uncertainty as she glimpsed the fierce resolve in Aayat's eyes. She had underestimated Aayat's strength and determination, assuming she would crumble under the weight of her manipulations. Now, faced with Aayat's unwavering determination for revenge, Rania felt a hint of fear creeping into her heart.

Aayat turned away from Rania, refusing to let her see any weakness. Her mind drifted to the moment all this drama started.


The day after her first date with Abyad, Aayat woke up extremely late, her mind still lingering on the cute morning text she had received from Abyad. It was both thrilling and amusing for her to find herself caught up in a situation she had never believed in before – dating. She had always thought that true happiness would come after Nikaah, but somehow, she was letting Abyad into her life, and she couldn't help but smile at the unexpected turn of events.

As she left her phone on charge and joined her parents at the breakfast table, she tried to appear normal and focus on her studies. Yet, her thoughts kept drifting back to her date with Abyad, how he had smiled, how he had treated her like a true gentleman. She found herself daydreaming about those moments, and it felt like a silly grin was permanently etched on her face. Her mom noticed her peculiar behaviour but didn't question it.

Her happy bubble was abruptly burst when she heard the voice of her neighbour, Raina, shouting hurtful and derogatory words at her. Raina had found an alternative way to bully her, and with her family backing her up, Aayat felt overwhelmed by the negative energy. As the accusations against her mom started to escalate, Aayat's temper flared, and she couldn't bear the humiliation any longer.

Fuelled by rage, she stormed out of her house to confront Raina. Raina seemed to revel in her misery, throwing a piece of paper at Aayat. Curious, Aayat glanced at it, and her eyes widened as she saw a court restriction order. It was evident that Raina was not allowed to come near her anymore. A sense of triumph washed over Aayat, knowing that Raina had inadvertently sealed her own fate.

Amidst their heated exchange, Aayat couldn't help but taunt Raina further, refusing to be silenced while her life was being torn apart. But Raina issued a chilling warning, and Aayat's nerves were on edge. She later took a cold shower to calm herself down before checking on Zinat, making sure she was okay. However, the threats and possibilities continued to haunt her.

Over the next few weeks, Aayat and Abyad's bond grew stronger with each passing day, and she cherished their time together. Meanwhile, Zinat remained occupied with her studies, and Raina's presence seemed to fade away after Aayat's warning.

But everything changed on the day Zinat came over, and Aayat heard her friend's scream from outside. Rushing out, Aayat was confronted with the horrific sight of Zinat lying lifeless on the ground, blood seeping from her head. Panic and sorrow consumed Aayat, and she immediately called her parents to take Zinat to the hospital. The weight of guilt bore down on her as she blamed herself for involving Zinat in her troubles.

With Zinat recovering in the hospital, Aayat knew she had to protect her loved ones from further harm. She decided to distance herself from them, writing a heartfelt letter to Zinat and leaving it on her nightstand before pushing her away emotionally. As for Abyad, she knew she had to push him away too, for she couldn't bear the thought of him getting hurt because of her.

*Flashback ends*

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