The Secret Switch

Valerie's twin brother puts their entire family in danger so, in order to save them all, Valerie steps up and takes her brother's place. She tries her best to survive the all-male Military Academy but it's not going to be easy. Especially when her cold-blooded roommate finds out she's actually a female! Things continue to spiral out of control as dark secrets and plans are slowly unraveled and she's somehow connected to them all. Can she keep it all together and still keep her family safe? EXCERPT: As I walk out of the room, Thane stands by the door with a knowing smirk. He slowly turns to look at me and says "You always do have a way with words. Who knew my little bird was so sharp?" I raise an eyebrow and smile as I say "I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult." Thane's smile turns dark as he suddenly pushes away from the wall and blocks my path. He looks down at me as he slowly leans forward and whispers "For you? It's nothing but compliments." I slightly tilt my head to the side as I feel my smile growing. I take a step closer to him and reach out to his stomach. My fingertips slip under his black shirt as I slowly look up to him with a dark smile of my own. When my fingertips lightly flutter across his smooth skin, I feel his entire body shudder as his jaw tightens. His eyes darken as he stares down at me and says "Keep that up and we won't be going anywhere today..." I softly chuckle and watch as his breathing changes at the sound. I slowly brush my fingers along his muscles as I slowly slip them to his back. I lean up to his lips but stop just a few centimeters away before whispering "You started it.." I say with a growing smirk. Thane's entire body tenses as desire consumes his dark eyes. His breathing becomes uneven as he stares into my eyes and says "I think it's about time you realize there are consequences for what you do to me..." My smile grows wicked as I lean in and slowly kiss him. As soon as he tries to deepen the kiss, I break away and look up to him as I say "I look forward to it..." I pull my hands out from under his shirt and pat his chest before slipping under his arm and walking past him with a devious giggle. Thane licks his lips with a wicked smile of his own, liking everything that little hellion does to him. He slowly stands to his full height with dark, knowing eyes. Yes, he was looking forward to it as well. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 Or https://www.instagram.com/blissfullrage/ ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage The cover art does not belong to me, all credit to the original artist.

Blissfullrage · Fantasy
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"Valerie!! Valerie, get up!! Your brother's gone!" I jerk and sit up in bed, my hair looks like something from a horror movie as I try to see what time it is. It's seven-thirty in the morning on my one day off. What has Valen done now...

I push my hair back out of my face and turn my lamp on as I slip on my slippers. I walk over to the door and open it to hear my mother crying. I sigh and quickly head downstairs but on my way down, my foot slips and I take the last four steps with my butt. 'Ow ow ow...' I rub my sore behind and stand up to find my Dad rubbing my mother's back in a soothing manner as he says "It's okay, hun. We'll find a way to make it right. I called my brother and he's going looking for Valen."

I sigh again and ask "What's going on?" My mother looks up at me with tears running down her thin face. "Valerie, my sweet child. Your brother has truly screwed us over this time!" She starts crying again as I struggle to understand.

When my Dad sees my confusion, he quickly explains "Your brother applied to the Star legion Academy and actually got in. All those who apply and get in, they get a large signing bonus of ten grand." My heart begins speeding up as I suddenly start piecing things together.

My Dad sighs and says "Your brother took the money and left. He left a note saying that he'll be back and would repay us when he comes back in a few years..." My Mother suddenly cries out again and says "We can't pay the ten grand or the fee that comes with breaking the contract!! We're going to jaiiil!!" She wails and practically falls out of the chair as my Dad tries to calm her down.

I can nearly feel my jaw hit the floor as my poor sleep-deprived brain tries to comprehend everything all at once. I quickly walk over to the computer and pull up the Academy. After reading the information and rereading it for the hundredth time... I lean back in the seat with complete disbelief.

How could that idiot do this to our parents!? I reach up and pull at my hair as my brain struggles to think of something. Even with my savings... I have two thousand at best! Our parent's shop hasn't been doing great lately so they have nothing in savings.

When I get my hands on that idiot... I look back at the computer and see where it clearly says that failure to show up will result in a breach of contract. You'll have to return the ten grand and another ten grand on top of it!!

Failure to return the money and to pay the fee will result in prosecution. When they fail to find my brother... they'll hold my parents responsible. They'll go to jail and be put to work in the mines... I look over to my aging parents and feel anxiety eating at me.

They wouldn't last long down in the mines... I look back over to our family portrait and glare at my idiot twin brother. Suddenly, an idea hits me. My heart begins to race as I slowly sit up in the chair. Maybe... just maybe this might work.

I look over to my parents and swallow hard before walking over. I nervously lick my lips before saying "I think I may have an idea that will buy us some time until we find Valen..." My mother looks up at me and says "Valerie my dear... this isn't your fault you shouldn't bother yourself with this. Just try and find your brother."

I awkwardly shift back and forth of my feet before saying "Well... I understand that but I don't want you two to go to jail and be sent to the mines." My mother's face suddenly turns white as she mutters "The mines..."

My Dad holds my mother's hand as he says "What's your idea sweetheart?" I give him a strained smile as I say "What if I go in his place?" Both my parents look at me in silence before my father says "It's an all-boys school sweetheart. You can't do that."

My mother continues to stare at me but I see her mind suddenly forming the same idea I have. I look to my father as I say "I know. I'd go as Valen and take his place until you find him and bring him back."

My father looks at me in shock as my mother suddenly says "No, wait... this might actually work. Think about it, Freddy. They're identical and even though Valerie isn't as tall or... built, it could work. No one will recognize her in the city!"

I can see my father considering it before suddenly shaking his head and saying "That's entirely too dangerous! What if they find out she's a woman!?" My mother waves him off and stands up saying "No one will find out. Valerie is very smart and even got better grades in school... We can do this!"

For three days, my Mom and Dad argued back and forth until I finally walked into their room and said "I'm doing it with or without you. You can either help or just let me do it by myself..." My mother looks to my father with a 'You see!?' look causing my father to give in.

He looks at both of us and says "Fine!! But... Valerie will have to take a few lessons from me and you'll have to be extremely careful." My Mom and I both give him a knowing smile as we both say "Don't worry, we've got this."

Hello, My Lovely Readers!!! Welcome back and welcome to my new book! It's going to be filled with laughter, fun, suspense, and romance!! Hold on to your phones and enjoy the ride ^.~ In all seriousness, I hope everyone enjoys the story ^^ You guys are the best and I wouldn't be here without you! Thank you XOXO

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