The Second Wife of Paranoid Mr. Lucas Book

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The Second Wife of Paranoid Mr. Lucas


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After getting married for six years, Ashley found out that she was infertile and felt guilty, so she devoted herself to helping her husband, Jake, manage the company. Knowing that Ashley was infertile, Jake was as cautious as usual. Seeing this, the employees began to gossip, "Mrs. Ashley is so busy every day. Doesn't she worry that Mr. Jake is looking for a woman outside?" Looking for a woman? She would never believe it! Unexpectedly, one day, someone threw the evidence in front of Ashley, and she said to herself, "Six years relationship has been broken." She dumped the jerk without hesitation. She didn't expect to be targeted by Lucas, the CEO of a big company. "Mr... Mr. Lucas? Why are you here?" Lucas looked at her coldly and said, "I heard your thing, so I came." "What?" "I'll give you a week." he stood up and said in a low voice, "I want to see your divorce certificate in a week." Why doesn’t she accept the best gift? Fine, I'll ask him to take it. "Okay."